Photographs: buildings and facilities Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2012-0025/001P(07 Las Campanas File 1980s
B2012-0025/001P(02) David Dunlop Observatory - colour postcards of buildings and telescope File Ca. 1980
B2012-0025/001P(10) Lodge for Quebec Telescope File 1978
B2012-0025/001P(01) David Dunlop Observatory - Exterior File ca. 1980
B2012-0025/001P(09b) Helen Sawyer Hogg Telescope, Chili File 1995
B2012-0025/001P(09c) Pocket Spectrograph File n.d.
B2012-0025/001P(03)-(04) University of Toronto Southern Observatory (UTSO) - early colour photos including construction and coloured slides File ca. 1969-1970
B2012-0025/001P(05) Panaromic view of Las Campanas taken from Canada House (UTSO) - photographs and negatives File 1971
B2012-0025/001P(06) Canada House and surroundings (UTSO) File 1970s
B2012-0025/001P(08) Ian Shelton, with SN1987a discovery telescope, Las Campanas File ca. 1987
B2012-0025/001P(09a) UTSO - contact prints showing equipment and astronomers at Canada House File ca. 1980s
B2012-0025/001P(09c) Telescope (possibly DDO) File n.d.