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B2013-0022/008(02) "An Index of Professionalism," manuscript, related correspondence, and drafts File 1971
B2013-0022/008(05) "Sociology or Women: A Stocktaking, written with Ted Vaughn, Gwen Matheson, and Marylee Stephenson, related correspondence and manuscript File 1972-1973
B2013-0022/008(07) "Women as Personal Dependents," reviews, related correspondence, copy of paper File 1972-1976
B2013-0022/008(09) "Report of the President's Advisory Committee on Equal Rights for Women and Men," manuscript and related memorandum File 1973
B2013-0022/008(15) "The Double Standard as Indicator for Status Sex Differentials," copy of published version and requests for reprints File 1974-1975
B2013-0022/008(19) "A Comparison of Changes in the Status of Women in Canada and United States" written with Janet Stillanen, manuscript, related correspondence, rough notes, and editor evaluations File 1975
B2013-0022/008(22) "An Annotated Bibliography of Bibliographies on Women" written with Christine Cobb and Jennifer L. Newton, published copy, related correspondence requesting a copy File 1976
B2013-0022/009(01) "The Prestige Occupation Housewife" written with Neil Guppy and Janet Siltanen, copy of published version and related correspondence File 1977
B2013-0022/009(06) "Study on Everyday Lifestyles of Men and Women," sample information File 1978
B2013-0022/009(07) "Study on Everyday Lifestyles of Men and Women," interview questions [drafts], questionnaire [draft], interview schedule and instructions File 1978
B2013-0022/010(02) "CRIAW in the 1980s: The Role of the Research Institute in Furthering Personhood," manuscript and rough notes File 1979
B2013-0022/010(04) "Study on Student's Life Plans," survey text and results File 1979-1983[?]
B2013-0022/010(09) "Sex-Role Attitudes of Male and Female Teachers in Toronto," requests for reprints and copy of printed version File 1980
B2013-0022/011(10) "General Principles for Evaluation and Development of Polices Based on Sex Equality," manuscript and related correspondence File 1982
B2013-0022/012(02) Transcript of proceedings of Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women on universality vs. selectivity [French], manuscript and related correspondence File 1983
B2013-0022/012(04) Macdonald Commission, submissions to commission including materials by Eichler, Lucie Pepin, CACSW President, and Diane Bellemare, includes rough and final drafts, and minutes of commission meetings File 1983-1984
B2013-0022/013(06) "Les Six Peches Capitaux Sexistes" [French], manuscript and related correspondence File 1985
B2013-0022/013(07) "On the Treatment of the Sexes in Research" written with Jeanne Lapointe, published pamphlet, related correspondence, newspaper clippings, and responses to pamphlet File 1985
B2013-0022/013(08) "Women, Families, and the State," correspondence re. including it in a book entitled Perspectives on Women in the 1980s File 1985
B2013-0022/014(04) "Social Policy Concerning Women," copy of final draft File 1987
B2013-0022/014(06) "Social Policies and Changes in Families," related correspondence, editors comments, samples of manuscript [introduction and chapter sample] File 1987
B2013-0022/014(08) "Reply to Jill" submission to Resources for Feminist Research, manuscript and related correspondence File 1987
B2013-0022/015(03) "And the Work Never Ends: Feminist Contributions," copy of printed version, request for reprint, and manuscript File 1988
B2013-0022/015(07) "Progress Report to SSHRC on the Project 'Making a Living,' report and related correspondence File 1988
B2013-0022/015(08) "The Receptionist as Diagnostician: Reflections on the Role of the Social Sciences and Humanities in Canada," manuscript, related correspondence File 1988
B2013-0022/015(10) "Reflections on Motherhood, Apple Pie, the New Reproductive Technologies, and the Role of the Sociologist in Society," copy of article and requests for reprint File 1988-1989
B2013-0022/016(05) "An Unfinished Transformation: Women and Feminist Approaches," related correspondence re. publication and presentation for CSAA conference [some in French] and manuscript File 1989-1991
B2013-0022/016(06) Influential Feminist Authors Talk About their Work and Themselves Project, related correspondence [between contributors and contributors and contributors and interviewees, specifically Betty Freidan about deadlines, interview questions and meetings], [materials are in French and English] File 1989-1995
B2013-0022/016(07) Influential Feminist Authors Talk About their Work and Themselves Project, Copies of Interviews. Includes interviews with Betty Freidan, Dale Spender, Barbara Ehrenreich, Kate Millett, Catherine Mackinnon, Meg Luxton, Alison Jaggar, Juliet Mitchell, Dorothy Smith, Sheila Rowbotham, Carol Friedman Gilligan, Mary O'Brien, Mary Daly, Pat Armstrong, Michelle Barrett, Benoite Groulx, Elizabeth Badinter, Margrit Eichler. Also contains a copy of the course syllabus for Eichler's course on new reproductive technologies. Materials are in French and English File 1989-1995
B2013-0022/017(01) "Women's Studies Professors in Canada: A Collective Self Portrait," written with Rosonna Tite, rough and final manuscript File Jan. 1990
B2013-0022/017(05) "Human Rights and New Reproductive Technologies: Individual or Collective Choices," for Human Rights in the 21st Century: A Global Challenge Conference, manuscripts, related correspondence, and rough notes File 1990-1991
B2013-0022/017(10) "Time as a Human Resource," for Images of Canada, related correspondence File 1991
B2013-0022/018(05) "Dilemmas in Matching Policies to Changing Families: Canada and the U.S.A.," manuscript and related correspondence File 1992
B2013-0022/018(11) Influential Feminist Authors Talk About their Work and Themselves Project, outline and prospectus and related correspondence File 1993
B2013-0022/019(02) "Canadian Families Secondary Research: A Report to the Canada Committee," related correspondence, published report, survey text File 1993-1994
B2013-0022/019(04) "An Eco-Sociological Approach to Family Studies," outline and related correspondence File 1994
B2013-0022/019(08) "Moving Towards Equality: Recognising [sic] and Eliminating Gender Bias in Health," draft File 1999[?]
B2013-0022/020(04) Pre-BIAS-FREE Workshop materials, including contact information, drafts of materials, drafts of programming, and related correspondence File 2001
B2013-0022/020(05)-/021(01) BIAS-FREE Framework Workshop, agendas with biographies of participants, definition of framework concepts, presentation materials, and cd-rom copy of presentation and materials File 2006
B2013-0022/011(06) Publication of a French translation of "Towards a Strategy for Research on Women," published for Status of Women Canada, manuscript [French and English], related correspondence, drafts of appendix, secondary sources, responses from editors File 1981-1984
B2013-0022/011(13) "Women in Future Research," honorarium and review File 1982-1983
B2013-0022/012(01) New Canadian Encyclopedia entries: Murdoch case, and Women's Movement, manuscript, rough notes, related correspondence, outlines and French translation File 1982-1987
B2013-0022/012(03) Macdonald Commission, related correspondence File 1983-1984
B2013-0022/012(05) Macdonald Commission, supporting materials including rough notes, pamphlet entitled "A Commission on Canada's Future," and a brochure entitled "Women and Pensions" File 1983-1984
B2013-0022/014(02) "Foundations of Bias, Part of Equality and Judicial Neutrality," related correspondence, manuscript, and review File 1986-1988
B2013-0022/014(03) Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Eichler an editorial advisor, contains correspondence re. papers written by Leila Simonen and Bev James and their manuscripts, also includes manuscripts by Eichler ["Half a 100 Questions: Problems and Issues in Developing Policies for Canadian Families"] and Catherine E. Foote ["The State of Women's Income After Marriage Breakdown in Canada's Public Intervention in Private Law on Maintenance"] File 1986-1989
B2013-0022/015(01) "Some Minimal Principles Concerning the New Reproductive Technologies," manuscript and related correspondence File 1987-1988
B2013-0022/015(04) Correspondence re. publication of Proceedings from "Getting the Word Out" Conference, University of Ottawa File 1988
B2013-0022/015(06) French translation of Families in Canada Today, manuscript and related correspondence File 1988
B2013-0022/016(03) "Gender Bias in Medical Research," written with Anna Lisa Reisman and Elaine Borins, manuscript drafts, newspaper clippings, related correspondence, and secondary sources File 1989-1990
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