Publicity and public education Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2015-0005/041(08) Press clippings on Dr. Franklin File 1970-2008
B2015-0005/041(09) Press File 2002
B2015-0005/042(02) Toronto Board of Education: Canadians File 1995
B2015-0005/042(04) "If you love this planet," NFB File 1983
B2015-0005/042(06) TV Ontario: Environmental studies series File 1993
B1996-0004/024(07) CBC Ideas program: Germany - technology and democracy [1 of 6] File 1977-1978
B1996-0004/025(01) CBC Ideas program: Germany - technology and democracy [3 of 6] File 1977-1978
B1996-0004/025(08) CBC Ideas programs On the Northern Front: background including paper by Thomas Berger File 1985
B2015-0005/042(18) CBC Ideas transcripts: Nuclear Peace [see B1996-0004/014S for audiotapes] File 1982-1983
B2015-0005/042(20) CBC Ideas transcript: Corporate profiles File Apr 1984
B2015-0005/042(27) "Nuclear Dynamite" documentary on Project Plowshare for CBC "The Nature of Things" with interview transcript [see B2015-0005/021M-/024M for related VHS] File 1999
B2015-0005/042(29) Technology and democracy: student papers File 1978-1994
B2015-0005/067(07) Real World of Technology: oversized poster File 1989
B2015-0005/043(08) Massey lectures: tape transcripts File ca. 1989
B2015-0005/043(10) Massey lecture 1: notes and drafts File ca. 1989
B2015-0005/044(05) Response to Massey lecture: Ken Cheng File Dec 1989
B2015-0005/044(07) The Real World of Technology: proofs File ca. 1990
B2015-0005/044(10) The Real World of Technology: 1999 edition press File 1999
B2015-0005/044(12) The Real World of Technology: Anansi Press contract File 2002
B1996-0004/025(10) "Speaking our peace: a film about women, peace and power" documents File 1984-1985
B2015-0005/041(12) Magazine and newspaper interviews File 1980s
B2015-0005/041(14) Magazine and newspaper interviews File 1990s
B2015-0005/042(07) Film: "If people mattered - women and the creation of a new science" File 1994
B2015-0005/042(09) Artemis films File 1995-1996
B2015-0005/042(11) Our Hiroshima documentary [see B2015-0005/012M for VHS] File 1995
B2015-0005/042(12) "Women, peace and power" footage for "The passerby" film File 1995
B2015-0005/042(14) Discovering our potential: women in engineering File 1997
B2015-0005/042(16) Radio WRPI File 12 Feb 1998
B1996-0004/025(04) CBC Ideas program: Germany - technology and democracy [6 of 6] File 1977-1978
B1996-0004/025(06) Transcript of a radio commentary "We the Citizen" File ca. 1985
B2015-0005/042(21) CBC Ideas transcript: At work in the fields of the bomb File May 1984
B2015-0005/042(23) CBC Ideas transcript: New ideas in ecology and economics File May-June 1986
B2015-0005/042(25) CBC Ideas bibliography: The seven deadly sins File 1989
B2015-0005/043(03) Subject: women and technology File 1982-1990
B2015-0005/043(05) CBC Ideas calendar File 1989
B2015-0005/043(11) Massey lecture 2: notes and drafts File ca. 1989
B2015-0005/044(01) Massey lecture 4: notes and drafts File ca. 1989
B2015-0005/044(03) Massey lecture 6: notes and drafts File ca. 1989
B2015-0005/042(28) James M. Ham: paper on technology File 1974
B2015-0005/043(01) Subject: technology File 1978-1994
B2015-0005/043(07) Real World of Technology: rights File 1990-2001
B2015-0005/043(09) Massey lectures: Notes File ca. 1989
B2015-0005/044(04) Responses to Massey lecture File 1989-1992
B2015-0005/044(06) The Real World of Technology: French translation File 1994
B2015-0005/044(08) The Real World of Technology 2nd edition: edited end notes File 1999
B2015-0005/044(09) Massey lectures: new introduction File 1999
B2015-0005/044(11) Massey lectures: 2 hour condensed version File 1999
B1996-0004/025(11) Edges magazine: interview File 1989
B1996-0004/047(14) "Pioneers of X-Ray Research" (oversized news clipping) File n.d.
B2015-0005/041(10) Declined interviews File 1989-1990
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