Ray Fletcher Farquharson fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1 Personal and biographical files Series 1960-1989, n.d.
B1991-0003/001(02) Retirement File 1960
2 Administrative files Series 1960-1985
B1991-0003/001(06) University of Toronto. Dept. of Medicine. Correspondence File 1960-1962
B1991-0003/002(03) Publications File 1924-1952
B1991-0003/004(01) "Homenaje a la Medicina del Canada", El Dia MEdico, XXVI, 95 (Diciembre, 1954) File Dec 1954
B1991-0003/007(03) III: Medical theatre clinic File 1948-1949
B1991-0003/007(07) IV: Medical pathological conference File 1949-1950
B1991-0003/007(11) IV: Clinical pathology conferences File 1951-1952
B1991-0003/007(12) IV: Theatre clinics File 1951-1952
7 Professional activities Series 1942-1952
B1991-0003/009(01)-(04) Photographs File
B2012-0008/006(02) Aesculapian Society, 1964; Order of the British Empire, 1946; Honorary Degree, University of Ottawa, 1961; Medal of Honour, CPMA, 1964; Fellow of Frontier College, 1972 File 1946-1972
B2012-0008/001P(01) University of Saskatchewan honorary degree (1957); Fellow of Frontier College, 13 apr. 1972 (1. Helen Farquharson receiving certificate from President; 2. Audience (Helen at left) File 1957, 1972
B2012-0008/001P(03) Trip to India: "chidambaram Temple from R. Subramanian"; RFF with 5 other men clipped to notes File 1961
B2012-0008/001P(05) "Opening Durham Hospital with Diefenbaker" File
B2012-0008/001P(08) Alpha Omega Alpha Honour Medical Society File 1947-1948
B2012-0008/002P(02) NRC Associate Committee [2 copies] File 1944
B2012-0008/003P(01) Gardiner fund dinner File
B2012-0008/001P(06) Photo: Division of Medical Research, NRC File 1957
B2012-0008/005 Correspondence File 1903-1927
B1991-0003 Farquharson 1991 accession Accession 1924-1989
B1991-0003/001(01) Biographical information (general) File n.d.
B1991-0003/001(05) University of Toronto. Faculty of Medicine. Ray F. Farquharson Memorial Lecture File 12 Mar 1985
B1991-0003/002(01) Addresses File 1962-1964
B1991-0003/003(01) Publications File 1953-1964
B1991-0003/003(04) Publications sent to Dr. Farquharson, D-H File
B1991-0003/007(02) IV: Clinical pathological conference File 1948-1949
B1991-0003/007(06) III & IV: Theatre clinic File 1949-1950
B1991-0003/007(13) IV: Clinical pathology conferences File 1952-1953
B1991-0003/008(07) National Research Council. Advisory Committee on ACTH and Cortison. Programme File 1952
B1991-0003/008(09) Toronto Regional Subcommittee on Shock and Blood Substitutes. Minutes File 1942-1944
B2012-0008/002 Medical Research Council, clippings, obituaries, condolences File
B2012-0008/006(03) Military Commission, 1941; Commission Vice President (Scientific) NRC, 1957 File 1941-1957
B2012-0008/001P(02) Visit to Northern Canada: Group in front of plane, 1956; At Uranium Mine taken by Henry Thode, 1956; Gorup in front of bus, Saskatoon, 1958 File 1956-1958
B2012-0008/002P(01) 2T2 Medical Class Reunion dinner File
B1991-0003/001(04) Kerr, R. B. "Ray Fletcher Farquharson". Address File 22 Sept 1989
B1991-0003/001(07) Addresses File n.d., 1946-1961
4 Publications Series 1924-1964
B1991-0003/003(02) Publications sent to Dr. Farquharson, A-C File
B1991-0003/003(05) Publications sent to Dr. Farquharson, L-L File
5 Patient files Series 1930-1958
B1991-0003/005(01) Diabetes File 1937
B1991-0003/005(03) Hypothyroidism File 1936-1939
B1991-0003/005(04)-/006(02) Simmond's disease File 1930-1942
B1991-0003/007(04) III & IV: Theatre clinic File 1948-1949
B1991-0003/007(08) IV: Clinical pathological conference File 1949-1950
B1991-0003/007(10) III: Theatre clinics File 1951-1952
B1991-0003/008(01) Theatre clinic File 1952-1953
B1991-0003/008(02)-(06) National Research Council. Advisory Committee on ACTH and Cortisone. Summary reports File
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