Reviews and Correspondence re: Innis' Publications Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1972-0003/037(14) Reviews and Correspondence re. Peter Pond File 1931
B1972-0003/037(16) Correspondence, Announcements re. new editions. Includes R.W. Winks' foreward to "The Fur Trade in Canada". File 1956-1963
B1972-0003/037(20) Reviews of "Political Economy in the Modern State". File 1947
B1972-0003/037(09) Reviews and Correspondence. 1930-1952 File 1930-1952
B1972-0003/037(10) Agreement between H.A. Innis and P.S. King and sons re. "The History of the Canadian Pacific Railway" File 12 Jul. 1922
B1972-0003/037(11) Announcement for "A History of the Canadian Pacific Railway". File 1923
B1972-0003/037(21) Reviews of "Changing Concepts of Time". File 1953
B1972-0003/037(26) Reviews and Announcements of "A History of the Canadian Pacific Railway". File 1971
B1972-0003/037(22) Publisher's announcement for "The Cod Fisheries". File 1954, 1956
B1972-0003/037(23) Reviews of "Essays in Canadian Economic History". File 1957-1963
B1972-0003/037(25) Reviews of "The Bias of Communication". File 1964
B1972-0003/037(12) Review of "The Foreign Trade of Canada". Translated by H.A. Innis and A.H. Smith. File 1929-1930
B1972-0003/037(13) Reviews of "Select Documents in Canadian Economic History, 1783-1885". File 1930, 1933
B1972-0003/037(15) Reviews of "The Fur Trade in Canada". File 1931-1960
B1972-0003/037(17) Brebner, J.S. Review of the Royal Commission Provincial Economic Inquiry publications.). File 1934
B1972-0003/037(18) Reviews of "The Canadian Economy and Its Problems". File 1935-1936
B1972-0003/037(19) Reviews and Correspondence re. "Settlement and Mining Frontiers". File 1936, 1938
B1972-0003/037(24) Notes and Correspondence re. "Essays in Canadian Economic History". File 1956-1964