Robert Garrison fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2012-0025/002 Chronological correspondence File 1963-1970
B2012-0025/004(02) Christopher Corbally File 1992-1997
B2012-0025/004(14) Wijtek Krzeminski File 1979
B2012-0025/005(08) Brian Skiff File 2003-2006
B2012-0025/005(12)-(17) Letters of Reference and Recommendation File 1969-2010
B2012-0025/006(01) Interagency Committee on Resource Satellite and Remote Sensing File 1970-1971
B2012-0025/006(03) Disposal of 6" Cook telescope and 60 File 1983-1986
B2012-0025/007(03) 74" Observing File 1985-1998
B2012-0025/007(08) UBC Exploration Committee File 1988
B2012-0025/009 Super Nova - documents relating to discovery, press coverage and celebrations File 1987-1988
B2012-0025/010(11) Correspondence with Antonio Urutia File 2003-2004
B2012-0025/011(05) 25th anniversary File 1996
B2012-0025/011(06) Funding File 1996
B2012-0025/011(08) Chile - Argentina File 1998-2000
B2012-0025/012(01) UTSO research: Krzeminski File 1980-1994
B2012-0025/012(05) UTSO research: 74" Observing File 1994
B2012-0025/012(07) UTSO research: Finding Charts File 1996
B2012-0025/012(10) UTSO research: Chili Nov-Dec 1997 File 1997
B2012-0025/031(01)-(03) National Research Committee-Associate Committee on Astronomy File 1978-1983
B2012-0025/031(14) Chair of the ACA subcommittee File 1981
B2012-0025/031(16) Users Conference File 1985
B2012-0025/013(06)-(07) Canadian Astronomical Association - Committee on Needs and Priorities File 1972-1983
B2012-0025/013(08) Canadian Astronomical Association - Council File 1978-1979
B2012-0025/013(09)-(10) Canadian Astronomical Association - Long Range Planning Committee File 1990-2001
B2012-0025/014(05) Inter- American Observatory File 1979-1983
B2012-0025/014(06) National Research Council - Associate Committee on Space Research File 1980-1982
B2012-0025/014(07) Royal Canadian Institute - Long Range Planning File 1993-1999
B2012-0025/014(08) Royal Canadian Institute - Speaking of Science File 1995
B2012-0025/017(01) Conference - Astronomy from Large Databases File 1987
B2012-0025/017(02)-(03) Astronomical Society of the Pacific - Spectroscopic, Yerkes File 1988, 1997
B2012-0025/017(13) University of Montreal - Lectures on MK classification File 1997
B2012-0025/018(05) Talk(s) - Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies File 1987
B2012-0025/018(12) Talk(s) - to 3T5 Engineers File 1994
B2012-0025/018(19) Talk(s) - The Search of Intelligent Life in the Universe File 2006
B2012-0025/018(20) Talk(s) - Life on Other Worlds File 2008
B2012-0025/018(21) Talk(s) - untitled on Morgan and Yerkes Observatory File n.d.
B2012-0025//019(02) BE and Shell Star List File 2003
B2012-0025/019(03)-(08) Bright Stars Research File 1955-1999
B2012-0025/020(02)-(03) G Stars in Halo (with Christopher Corbally) File 1979-1990
B2012-0025/020(04) G &K Giants File 1952, 1972
B2012-0025/020(05) G2V Problem File 1980-1993
B2012-0025/020(06) Galaxy catalogue File 1980s?
B2012-0025/021(12) Mexigraph CD File 1992-1995
B2012-0025/023(06)-(07) OB Stars File 1981-1984
B2012-0025/023(08) Orion Belt File 1973-1986
B2012-0025/023(10) Parallax catalogue stars File 1980
B2012-0025/024(07) Southern Observatory Papers File 1981-1982
B2012-0025/024(12) UBVRI File 1982
B2012-0025/025 Astronomy - data and records, Summer 1959 File 1959-1960
B2012-0025/025 HOB I and II File 1980s?
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