Robert Ramsay Wright fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1977-0040/001(02) Program and invitations for Centenary Celebrations File Oct 1927
B1977-0040/001(03) Acts to Amend, Enact School Laws, to Promote University of Toronto Medical Research and respecting the University of Western Ontario File 1923
B1977-0040/001(10) Introductory pamphlet to Connaught Laboratories, University of Toronto (n.d.); Record of Proceedings at the opening of the Banting Institute, University of Toronto, 1930 File 1930, n.d.
B1977-0040/001(04) Ontario Research Foundation, Report 1928/29; pamphlet 1930 File 1928-1930
B1977-0040/001(05) British Association for the Advancement of Science, Program, Niagara Falls 1897; Lists of Hotels and Lodgins, Toronto meeting 1897 File 1897
B1977-0040/001(12) Poster - graduates of the University of Toronto in Arts, Medicine and Applied Science, 1850-1900: a graduated scale showing numbers of graduates by year File
B1977-0040/001(13) Miscellaneous material regarding V. Stefansson: telegram from Stefansson that he had received a railway pass at Winnipag. 2 letters from the Canadian Bank of Commerce regarding Stefansson's credit to Ramsay Wright; receipt for Stefansson's ticket File 1906
B1977-0040.(01)P Archibald Byron Macallum (Associate Professor of Physiology); William Henry Fitzgerald Addison (BA 1902, student in Natural Sciences and a researcher for Professor Wright; William Oscar Walker (BA 1902); Robert Ramsay Wright (Professor of Biology); George Edward Smith (BA 1902) File 1902
B1977-0040.(03)P Henry Alleyne Nicholson, Professor of Natural History, University of Toronto 1871-1874 File [187-?]
B1977-0040.(04)P William Harold Treverrow Baillie, Professor of Mammalian Anatomy in the Department of Zoology File 1954
B1977-0040.(05)P Archibald Gowanlock Huntsman, Professor Emeritus of Marine Biology, U of T File 1954
B1977-0040/001(01) Calendar, University of Toronto, 1888; Calendar, Trinity Medical School, 1883, 1888/9 File 1883-1889
B1977-0040/001(06) "The Spirit of '29" published by Victoria College File 1929
B1977-0040/001(08) University of Toronto: A Brief Outline of its History, 1925; University of Toronto: A Summary of the University's the Royal Commission investigating University finances in Ontario, 1920; University of Toronto: Information for Students, n.d. File ca. 1908, 1920-1925
B1977-0040/001(09) Report of the Opening of the Botanical Laboratories, University of Toronto, 1932; Formal Opening, New Building of the Biology Department, December 19 1889 (3 copies) File 1889, 1932
B1977-0040.(02)P W.O. Walker, William John Ogilvie Malloch (BA 1892, MB 1896, researcher in anatomy and physiology), W.H.F. Addison, A.B. Macallum, Ramsay Wright, G.E. Smith File 1902
1 Textual records Series 1883-1932
B1977-0040/001(07) Memorandum from the University Council to the University Commission regarding the objects of the Provincial University, together with recommendations regarding its re-organization File 1905
B1977-0040/001(11) University of Toronto Monthly, Volume 1, nos. 2 and 3 File 1900
2 Graphic records Series [187-]-1954, predominantly 1902
B1977-0040.(06)P Unidentified File