Robin Sutton Harris fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2 University of Toronto. Administration Series 1960-1987
B1995-0019/002(27)-/003(05) Lectures on literature types File
B2003-0003/002(08)-(09) History and theory of English studies File
B1995-0019/012 Sources on higher education in the U.S., arranged by institution File
1 Correspondence Series 1956-1990
B1995-0019/002(15)-(26) Lectures on period literature File
B1995-0019/004(01)-(33) Lectures on authors (Forster - Sterne) File
B1995-0019/005(01)-(09) Lectures on authors (Swift - Woodsworth) File
B1995-0019/005(10)-(18) Philosophy lectures File
B1995-0019/005(19) Lectures for Higher Education course 316 File
6 Bibliographic index Series [196-]-[198-]
B1995-0019/010 List of Acts affecting higher education in Canada, arranged by subject File
7 Faculty Association Series 1939-1972
8 Reports Series 1965-1967
B1986-0067/P Slides - Lecture on the past deans of the School of Graduate Studies File 1986
4 Addresses, manuscripts and publications Series 1955-1987
B1995-0019/007 Sources on University of Toronto, arranged by subject File
B1995-0019/009 List of Acts and reports governing the University of Toronto, 1819-1970, arranged chronologically File
B1995-0019/014 Sources on international higher education, arranged by subject; Sources on higher education in Australia File
3 Lectures Series [ca. 194-] - 1986
B1995-0019/003(06)-(29) Lectures on authors (Arnold - Fielding) File
B1986-0109/P Slides accompanying two lectures on the history of SGS delivered at U of T, 1986 File 1986
5 Research materials Series ca 1963-[198-]
B1995-0019/008 Sources on University of Toronto, arranged by subject File
B1995-0019/011 Sources relating to Higher Education in Canada arranged by institution File
B1995-0019/013 Sources on international higher education, arranged by country File
B1995-0019/015 Sources on the teaching of professions (mainly North America), arranged by discipline File