Sermons, Addresses and Articles Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1992.006V2-21 Inaugural address, inauguration as Principal of Knox College, Convocation Hall, Toronto File 19 November 1908
1992.006V-2-23 Addresses for Convocations at Knox College File 1908-1913, 1926
1992.006V-2-26 Address on occasion of unveiling of oil portrait of Principal Gandier in Burwash Hall, Toronto File 6 April 1928
1992.006V-2-27 Addresses to students and alumni of United Church colleges in Toronto. File 1932
1992.006V-2-34 Address to Congress of Presbyterian Church in Canada, untitled (church renewal) (2 copies) File 1913
1992.006V-2-36 Book reviews File n.d.
1992.006V-2-38 Reports File [191-]
1992.006V-2-43 Published sermon, “A Sermon for the New Year,” St. James Square Church, Toronto (2 copies) File 31 December 1905
1992.006V-2-49 Clippings - Newspaper and magazine articles about A. Gandier File [before 1932]
1992.006V-2-24 Addresses and articles about Knox College buildings (2) File n.d.
1992.006V-2-25 Invocation at final service in Knox College chapel File 1927
1992.006V-2-30 Addresses and articles on church union movement in Canada File 1927
1992.006V-2-37 Sermons File n.d.
1992.006V-2-45 Published articles on church union in Canada File [between 1910 and 1930]
1992.006V-2-47 Published articles on miscellaneous topic File [between 1910 and 1930]
1992.006V-2-31 Addresses and articles on biblical and moral topics File n.d.
1992.006V-2-32 Addresses and articles on miscellaneous topics File [191-]
1992.006V-2-33 Addresses in honor of various individuals File 1917-1932
1992.006V-2-44 Published articles on missions File [between 1910 and 1930]
1992.006V-2-48 Pamphlets on fund-raising for church and missions File [between 1910 and 1930]
1992.039V-1-1 Notes on theological subjects File n.d.
1992.006V-2-22 Addressees for Opening Sessions at Knox College File 1909-1936
1992.006V-2-28 Addresses and articles on theological education and the ministry File 1911-1930
1992.006V-2-29 Addresses and articles on missions File 1918
1992.006V-2-35 Chapter of an unmentioned larger work, “Chapter VIII—The Forces of the Kingdom" File n.d.
1992.006V-2-39 Notes on college curriculum File 1910-[1912]
1992.006V-2-46 Published articles on biblical, theological and moral topics File [between 1910 and 1930]