Souvenir objects Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
46 Clock from Tam Key Restaurant Item n.d.
48 Clothing items Item 1991, 2005
47 Fan from Chicago Item n.d.
58-26 Chin's and Chin Lee pocket mirror Item [ca. 1940]
58-30 Ho-ho Chinese Restaurant wooden nickel Item [ca. 1960]
47 Fan from China Item n.d.
47 Box with note about John Pin Item n.d.
47 Plastic fortune cookie souvenir Item 1997
65 Peacock Chinese Restaurant (Netherlands) bobble figurine Item n.d.
65 Painted egg in glass and fabric case Item n.d.
58-29 Chan's Chinese Restaurant coin Item [ca. 1960]
46 China Garden frame Item [ca. 1960]
47 Ceramic Chinese food take out box Item n.d.
65 Kota Radja (Netherlands) Chinese restaurant figurine Item n.d.
58-14 Cardboard fan from Chungking Royal, Heampstead, Long Island Item [1960s]
47 Fan from Puerto Rico Item n.d.
65 Souvenir egg in glass and fabric case Item 1992
58-13 Cardboard fan from Chin Lee Chin's, New York City Item [1930s]
58-27 Tom Can Cook pen Item [ca. 1990]
58-28 Far East Co. pocket tape measure Item [ca. 1950]
68 Various bags from restaurants Item n.d.