Speeches Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2011-0018/011(01) Speech to Carleton Student Body File 1958
B2011-0018/011(04) "Universities Big and Small" File 1960
B2011-0018/011(07) "The Image of America in Canada" File 1962
B2011-0018/011(10) "The Independence of Universities" File 1963
B2011-0018/011(13) Address to the National Conference of Canadian Universities and Colleges File 1963
B2011-0018/011(16) Address to the Academy of Medicine File 1964
B2011-0018/011(19) Opening Address 1968 File 1968
B2011-0018/011(28) "The University Research Library : One Approach to a General Problem" File 1975
B2011-0018/011(31) Speech at the Opening? of Hart House Art Work File 1983
B2011-0018/011(34) Talk at the University of Toronto Women's Association File 1990
B2011-0018/012(01) Tributes and memorials: John Abrams, Nov. 5 1981 File 1981
B2011-0018/012(04) Tributes and memorials: Donald Creighton File
B2011-0018/012(06) Tributes and memorials: Helen Phelan File [199-]
B2011-0018/012(18) Tributes and memorials: J. David Stewart File 1989
B2011-0018/012(21) Tributes and memorials: A.S.P. Woodhouse File 1964
B2011-0018/012(24) Talks and Toast notes File
B2011-0018/011(03) Talk to Ontario Good Roads Association File 1960
B2011-0018/011(06) Address at Conference on Canadian Universities in a New Age File 1961
B2011-0018/011(09) Address at the University of Michigan Graduation Exercises File 1963
B2011-0018/011(12) Opening address to freshman File 1963
B2011-0018/011(15) Address to the Etobicoke Public Schools Teachers Association File 1963
B2011-0018/011(24) "The Universities of the Seventies" File 1971?
B2011-0018/011(27) Address at the Official Opening of the University of Lethbridge File 1972
B2011-0018/011(30) Speech at Dalhousie Convocation File 1982
B2011-0018/011(33) Speech re Rob MacDougall - Lecture at the Establishment of the Institute of Canadian Studies File 1990
B2011-0018/011(36) Speeches, parts of and undated File n.d.
B2011-0018/012(03) Tributes and memorials: Vincent Bladen File 1982
B2011-0018/012(09) Tributes and memorials: Barker Fairley File 1986
B2011-0018/012(12) Tributes and memorials: Robert Lowell File 1969
B2011-0018/012(15) Tributes and memorials: Marshall McLuhan File 1981
B2011-0018/011(02) Presentation to Graduates, University College of the West Indies File 1960
B2011-0018/011(05) "Varsity and the next 25 years" File 1961
B2011-0018/011(18) Remarks at Student Administrative Council Awards Dinner File 1965
B2011-0018/011(21) Business and the University : A Reappraisal Meeting of the Canadian Life Association File 1970
B2011-0018/011(23) "The Universities of the Seventies" File 1971
B2011-0018/011(26) "The Future of Liberal Education in Canada" File 1971
B2011-0018/011(29) Toast to Robbie Burns File 1982
B2011-0018/011(32) Muroe Beatty Lectures File 1988
B2011-0018/011(35) French Speeches File 1960s
B2011-0018/012(05) Tributes and memorials: Robertson Davies File 1981
B2011-0018/012(08) Tributes and memorials: John George Diefenbaker File 1959
B2011-0018/012(11) Tributes and memorials: Sydney Hermant File 1993
B2011-0018/012(14) Tributes and memorials: R.R. McLaughlin File 1966
B2011-0018/012(17) Tributes and memorials: Sidney Smith File
B2011-0018/012(23) Tributes and memorials: Unidentified File n.d
B2011-0018/011(08) Address at World Fellowship Dinner, Toronto Rotary Club File 1962
B2011-0018/011(11) Dinner address to the UofT Alumni Association File 1963
B2011-0018/011(14) Reply to Toast to NCCUC File 1963
B2011-0018/011(17) "The Importance of Greatness" File 1965
B2011-0018/011(20) Opening Address 1969-70 File 1969
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