Susan Howson fonds Inventory list

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B2012-0026/006(03) "Money and Monetary Policy 1945-90", in The Economic History of Britain since 1700 (Volume 3): 2nd edition (edited by R. Floud and D. McCloskey), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1994, 221-254. File 1989-1994
B2012-0026/007(08) "Keynes and the LSE economists", Journal of the History of Economic Thought 31 (3) (2009), 257-280. File 2008-2009
2 Professional activities Series 1976-2011
B2012-0026/008(05) Correspondence regarding refereed books File 1977-2005
B2012-0026/008(08) Correspondence regarding refereed articles File 1982-2011
B2012-0026/009(02) Allan Meltzer Colloquium File 1986
B2012-0026/009(08) European Society for the History of Economic Thought Conference File 1994-1996
B2012-0026/009(12) Centre of Criminology Committee File 1997-1998
B2012-0026/011(03) Correspondence Kathleen Rasmussen File 1998-2003
B2012-0026/011(09) Daniel Besomi File 1994-2000
B2012-0026/012(02) Kathleen Burk File 1981-1994
B2012-0026/012(05) Victoria Chick File 1988-1999
B2012-0026/012(06) Derek Chisholm File 1976-1982
B2012-0026/012(07) Peter Clarke File 1986-1994
B2012-0026/012(08) Patrick Deutscher File 1978-1988
B2012-0026/012(09) Elizabeth Durbin File 1984-1993
B2012-0026/012(12) Evelyn Forget File 1986
B2012-0026/012(15) Geoff Harcourt File 1978-1998
B2012-0026/013(04) Francine McKenzie File 1997-2008
B2012-0026/013(06) Roger Middleton File 1978-2011
B2012-0026/013(07) David Mole File 1978-1986
B2012-0026/013(10) George Peden File 1983-2002
B2012-0026/013(13) Richard Sayers File 1980
4 Teaching Series 1974-2011
B2012-0026/014(01) Cambridge Lent-Term & Michaelmas Term "The Theory of Monetary Policy" File 1974-1976
B2012-0026/014(06) ECOB08F (U of T Scarborough) - "Money and Banking" File 1976-1978
B2012-0026/015(01) ECOB08F (U of T Scarborough) - Problem Sets and Tests File 1976-1978
B2012-0026/015(03) ECOB07Y (U of T Scarborough) - "Macroeconomic Theory and Policy" File 1981-1983
B2012-0026/015(04) ECOB07Y (U of T Scarborough) - Exercises File 1981-1982
B2012-0026/016(02) ECOC14S (U of T Scarborough) - Exams and Assignments File 1994
B2012-0026/016(06) ECOC15F (U of T Scarborough) - "Topics in Advanced Economic Theory" File 1981-1984
B2012-0026/017(01) ECOC62F (U of T Scarborough) - "International Economics: Trade Theory" (Part I) File 1994
B2012-0026/017(03) ECOC61S (U of T Scarborough) - Problem Sets and Tests File 1984
B2012-0026/017(04) ECOC61S 1986 Class (U of T Scarborough) File 1986
B2012-0026/018(01) ECO2214 1978-1979 Class (U of T) - "British and International Economic History since 1870" File 1978-1984
B2012-0026/018(03) ECO2214 1982-1983 Class (U of T) File 1982-1990
B2012-0026/018(08) ECO2214 1988-1989 Class (U of T) File 1988-1989
B2012-0026/018(13) ECO2214 1997-1998 Class (U of T) File 1997-1998
B2012-0026/018(15) ECO457Y 2010-2011 Class (U of T) - "The International Economy since 1870" File 2010-2011
B2012-0026/019(01) ECO2006S 2001 Class (U of T) File 2001
B2012-0026/019(05) ECO2302H 1999-2000 Class (U of T) File 1999-2000
B2012-0026/019(06) ECO2302H 2000-2001 Class (U of T) File 2000-2001
B2012-0026/001(01) "'A Dear Money Man'?: Keynes on Monetary Policy, 1920" Economic Journal 83 (1973), 456-464. File 1973
B2012-0026/002(02) "Sterling's Managed Float: The Operations of the Exchange Equalisation Account, 1932-39", Princeton Studies in International Finance 46 (1980), 1-66. (Correspondence) File 1975-1980
B2012-0026/002(04) "Sterling's Managed Float: The Operations of the Exchange Equalisation Account, 1932-39", Princeton Studies in International Finance 46 (1980), 1-66. (Prelim. Draft) File [ca. 1979]
B2012-0026/004(05) British Monetary Policy and Labor Government Articles (Mainly Correspondence related to) File 1984-1986
B2012-0026/005(05) The Collected Papers of James Meade, Volume I: Employment and Inflation, Volume II: Value, Distribution and Growth, Volume III: International Economics, Unwin Hyman, London File 1986-1993
B2012-0026/006(01) Entries for the New Oxford Dictionary of National Biography File 1986-2001
1 Articles and papers Series 1973-2009
B2012-0026/001(04) "Keynes on Monetary Policy, 1910-46", Oxford Economics Papers 26 (1974), 226-247 (with D. Moggridge) File 1974
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