Tableware and food items Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
49 Pine Tree Pavilion, two tea cups with lids Item n.d.
49 Various tea cups Item n.d.
53 Pottery in cylinder shape Item n.d.
60 Porcelain alcohol bottle Item 1991
63 Yee Hung Guey plate Item n.d.
63 Brass server clipboard and notepad Item n.d.
66 Gran Dragon ashtray (Mallorca) Item n.d.
56 2 chopstick travel sets Item n.d.
66 Celadon condiment bowls (2) Item n.d.
58-34 Kubla Khan Shrimp Curry Rice box Item [ca. 1960]
47 Spoon from Far East Garden Item n.d.
50 Tsingtao take out menu caddy Item n.d.
51 Lacquer tiffin boxes Item 1896
53 Hsin Yu outdoor takeout menu caddy Item [2005]
56 5 various cloths from restaurants Item [ca. 2000]
60 Orange Nectar bottle Item n.d.
61 Hand-painted canton ware bowl from Hong Kong Item n.d.
63 Manchu Wok paper plate Item n.d.
66 Blue Willow plates Item n.d.
66 Sun Hung Heung (San Francisco) 50th anniversary plate Item 1969
66 Small condiment dish Item n.d.
49 Ka-mei Chinese Food glass Item n.d.
56 Antique sterling silver chopsticks in ornate green case Item n.d.
56 Cylinder filled with take out chopsticks Item n.d.
59 Six drinking glasses Item 1982-2003
60 Two drinking glasses Item 1981
62 Eight porcelain tableware items Item [1860s]
63 Canton Grill plate Item n.d.
63 Unknown restaurant plate Item n.d.
63 Leeann Chin Chinese Cuisine mug Item n.d.
64 5 Chinese restaurant glass ashtrays Item n.d.
64 4 plastic menu holders Item n.d.
65 7 Chinese soup spoons Item n.d.