Thomas P. Morley fonds Inventory list

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B2006-0011/002P(01) American Academy of Neurological Surgery File Nov. 1958
B2010-0006/001P(03) Meeting, Society of Neurological Surgeons File 1964
B2010-0006/001P(04) Panel – unidentified meeting File [196-]
B2000-0035/001(05) Doctor Robert Alexander Mustard File 1983-1985
B2000-0035/001(06) Article "Trails and the Moraine", published in The Uxbridge Conservation Association Newsletter File 1990
2 University of Toronto. Department of Surgery Series 1952-2008
B2000-0035/001(12) TGH - Special committee of the surgical staff into the P.S.I. Green Plan File 1962
B2000-0035/001(13) Nursing practices committee File 1961-1969
B2000-0035/001(16) Sesquicentennial of the Toronto General Hospital File 1979
B2000-0035/001(17) Miscellaneous file File 1963-1984
B2006-0011/001(04) TGH - Dewa Committee - Planning Committee File 1956-1958
B2006-0011/001(07) TGH - Residents' List File 1964
B2006-0011/001(08) Department of Surgery - Partnership Agreement File 1966
B2006-0011/001(09) TGH - K.G. McKenzie Fund File 1962-1975
B2006-0011/001(10) U of T - Playfair Committee File 1972
B2010-0006/001(10) W.S. Keith File 1976-1983
B2010-0006/001(11) Fred Moffat - Letter re. early years at TGH Neurological unit File 1993-1998
B2010-0006/001(12) Newsletters - Division of Neurosurgery File 1992, 2005-2008
B2006-0011/002(03) Society of Neurological Surgeons - Neurological Study Group re. Training File 1973-1977
B2010-0006/001(13) Society of Neurological Surgeons File 1973, 2001
B2000-0035/002(05) General correspondence and project status File 1989-1995
B2000-0035/003(05) Promotion of Canadian medical lives series File 1990-2000
B2000-0035/003(06) Canadian medical lives on Joe Doupe: Bedside Physiologist, by Terence Moore File 1988-1989
B2000-0035/003(07) Canadian medical lives on Clarence Hincks: Mental Health Crusader, by Charles G. Roland File 1987-1993
B2000-0035/004(03) Canadian medical lives on Maude Abbott: Dr. Maude Abbott and the Foundation of Heart Surgery, by Douglas Waugh File 1990-1994
B2000-0035/004(13) Canadian medical lives on Sir Charles Tupper: Fighting Doctor to Father of the Confederation, by T. Jock Murray and Janet Murray File 1998
B2000-0035/004(14)-(15) Canadian medical lives on Anderson Ruffin Abbott: First Afro-Canadian Doctor, by Dalyce Newby File 1990-1998
B2000-0035/005(02)-(03) Canadian medical lives on Brock Chisholm: Doctor to the World, by Allan Irving File 1989-1997
B2000-0035/006(02)-(03) Reviews of Canadian medical lives books File 1989-1995
B2006-0011/002(07) Canadian medical lives - collected biographies File 1954-1961, 1985-1998
B2006-0011/002(09) Canadian medical lives - Correspondence File 1993-1998
B2000-0035/006(04) Aberrant behaviour with intracranial masses - working notes File [197-]
B2006-0011/002(12) Dr. Allan Walters - notes File 1977
B2000-0035/006(09) "Tumour recognition at operation by P.32" (with Sir G. Jefferson), presented at the combined meeting of the Society of British Neurosurgical Surgeons and the Association of British Neurologists, Feb. 1952 File 1952
B2000-0035/006(11) "Observations on the morphology of meningiomas ans glioblastomas grown in culture", presented at the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons annual meeting, London (Ontario), July 1956 File 1956
B2000-0035/006(13) Various communications abstracts File 1957-1962
B2000-0035/006(14) Participation into a panel discussion on the paper of Dr. Mundinger at the 3rd International Congress of Neurological Surgery, Copenhagen (Danemark), August 1965 File 1965
B2000-0035/006(15) Historical lecture on the Toronto neurosurgical programme, presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Congress of Neurological Sciences, Toronto, June 1993 File 1992-1993
B2006-0011/002(15) Talk at Dan Wilson's Retirement - Associated Medical Services File 1996
B2010-0006/001(16) Introduction of Claude Bissell to the Toronto Academy of Medicine, 7 April 1964, Library Historical Night File 1964
B2010-0006/001(17) "Calling our Bluff", a sermon given at Lawrence Park Community Church on Laymen's Sunday 7 Feb. 1965 File 1965
B2010-0006/001(18) The Pitfalls of Eponymity File 1965
B2000-0035/007(02) Book reviews for the Canadian Medical Association Journal and the Ontario Medical Review File 1953-1960
B2000-0035/007(03) "The use of chlorpromazine as a physiotherapeutic aid in the treatment of spasticity" (with M. Fearley Smith), published in the Toronto Physiotherapy Association (1955) File 1955
B2000-0035/007(05) "The pattern of growth in vitro of gliomas" File 196-
B2006-0011/003(01) Paper - unpublished "Ligature carrier for intracranial aneurysms File 1960
B2006-0011/003(06) Article - Canadian Journal of Neuroscience File 1986
B2006-0011/004(12) List of McKenzie articles File [198-]- [199-]
B2006-0011/004(14) Notes on Gallie including original correspondence [also Allan Walters autobiography] File 1955, 198-
9 Photographs Series 1938-1998
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