Tuppil Venkatacharya fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2017-0035/001(01) Diplomas File 1944-1953
B2017-0035/001(04) Honorary degree, printed photos and captions File 19 Dec. 1996
B2017-0035/002(01) -(18) Correspondence File 1971 -July 1982
B2017-0035/003(21) Correspondence [file also includes translations. Restricted material removed, see B2017-0035/004(01)] File 1953 -2008
B2017-0035/004(03) Correspondence re: role at Instituto Italiano per il Medio Ed Estemo Oriente File 1963
B2017-0035/004(05) Correspondence [includes reviews and letters of thanks, appreciation] File 1969-1995
B2017-0035/004(08) Professional correspondence File 1974- 2004
B2017-0035/004(21) Correspondence, V.K. Chari File 2000
B2017-0035/004(24) "Some of the great throughts in the songs of our great Tyagaraja and the episode of a Camari-miga" / T. Venkatacharya File n.d.
B2017-0035/004(27) Typescript, "The Udara-Raghava of Sakalya Malla with three commentaries" File n.d.
B2017-0035/004(30) "The saint and the courtesan or The Bhagavadajjukiya (A fine comedy) (Attributed to Bodhayana)" / Translated with introductions and footnotes by T. Venkatacharya File n.d.
B2017-0035/004(33) Copied articles written by T. Venkatacharya File 1953 [photocopied 1997]
B2017-0035/004(36) "The Dasarupaka of Dhananjaya with the Commentary, the Avaloka of Dhanika and Sub-Commentary, called the Laghutika by Bhattaursimha" / Edited with Inroductionm corresions to the Avaloka in 347 places and two separate footnotes by T. Venkatacharya File 1968
B2017-0035/004(38) Typescript, "The Krsacarita of Agastypandita (A Gadyakavya)" / Edited with Introduction and notes in English by T. Venkatacharya File 1972
B2017-0035/005(15) "The meaning and significance of two mantras (1) Rtam Tva Parisincami; and (2) Satyam Tvartena Parisincami; and (3) The Samradana- Karaka of our offerings" / T. Venkatacharya File 1993
B2017-0035/005(18) Typescript, "An exposition in English on Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatham" / T. Venkatacharya [includes additional partial typescripts] File [ca. 1996]
B2017-0035/006(03) Offprint, "Markandeya's vision of infant Krsna on the leaf of a banyan tree" / T. Venkatacharya File 2000
B2017-0035/006(06) "A new approach to purnsa-suktam" / An exposition by T. Venkatacharya File 2004
B2017-0035/006(09)-(10) Correspondence, "Nalakirtikanmud of Agastyapandita" and "The Krsnacarita of Agastyapandita" File 1972 - 1978
B2017-0035/006(15) Publishing correspondence File 1980 - 1986
B2017-0035/006(18) Publishing correspondence, Motilal Banarsi Das Publishers File 1994
5 Translation and research Series 1960 – 2002
B2017-0035/006(20) Various notes, correspondence and book review ["The Sankhyakarika of Isvarakrsna" / Translated by Sri Radhanath Phukan] File [ca. 1960]
B2017-0035/006(24) Annotated publication of Srimad Varavaramunindragranthamalaiyil Second Edition, Tatvatrayavyakhyanamum [With Tatvatraya commentary] Mumuksuppadivyakhyanamum [With Mumuk?uppa?i commentary], Published by Sadacaryasuktimudrapa Samiti File 1971
B2017-0035/006(28) Notes on Sanskrit grammar and correspondence in Sanskrit File 1984
B2017-0035/006(31) T. Venkatacharya's original composition based on his interpretation of a verse from the Bhagavadgita and some assembled text from the Ramayana File [ca. 1986]
B2017-0035/007(11) Translated and transliterated texts File 1992
B2017-0035/007(14) Corrections for "Om-Kara" File 1994
B2017-0035/007(17) Annotated text of Mumuksuppadi File 25 Sept. 1997
B2017-0035/007(20) Manuscript lists File n.d.
B2017-0035/007(22) Text "Mallikamarutam" and handwritten verses from the Ramayana [?] File n.d.
B2017-0035/007(25) Transliterated text, "Dayasatakam" File n.d.
B2017-0035/007(28) Annotated texts including "Karmabheda ime matah" and "Dasarupakam" File n.d.
B2017-0035/008(02) Notebook [numbered terms, unspecified text] File [196-?]
B2017-0035/008(05) Notebook with speech following the performance of Satyanarayanapuja File 1984
B2017-0035/008(08) Introductory notes on Sandhyavandana Bhasyam File 1991
B2017-0035/008(11) Notebook, monetary tracking File [ca. 1993]
B2017-0035/008(14) Notebook including draft correspondence to Prof. K.T.Pandurangi and draft of recommendation letter File 1999
B2017-0035/008(16) Notes on Camatkaracandrika by Sri Visvesvara File n.d.
B2017-0035/008(19) Footnotes to Sahityakantakoddhara File n.d.
7 Community activity Series [ca. 1984] – 1996
B2017-0035/009(11) Swami Sara?am newsletter, Sri Ayyappa Samajam of Ontario File 1991-1992
B2017-0035/009(15) Hindu Institute of Learning, course outlines and mandate File [ca. 1994]
B2017-0035/009(18) AWIC presidency speech File 30 Mar. 1994
B2017-0035/009(21) Incoming correspondence to Vijaya Venkkatacharya File 6 May. 2002
9 Collected manuscripts and bibliographic material Series [ca. 1922?] – 1979
B2017-0035/009(24) Transcribed manuscript of "Ubhayabhisarika" of Vararuci R 2726 (a) [from a manuscript in the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library, Madras] Copied by S. Viswanatha Sarma. With corrections [T. Venkatacharya?] File 1966-1967
B2017-0035/009(27) Transcribed manuscript, "Rasar?avasudhakaram". Transcribed by K.B. Ranganatha Rao. MS 8, B1 10529, D1 5291 Grantha [includes corrections] File 14 Mar. 1973
B2017-0035/010(02) Transcribed manuscript, Upasarganipatavada, Transcribed by T. Anantanarayana. Sri Venkateswara University File n.d.
2 Chronological files (correspondence) Series 1958-2002
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