Tuppil Venkatacharya fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2017-0035/001(01) Diplomas File 1944-1953
2 Chronological files (correspondence) Series 1958-2002
B2017-0035/004(07) Correspondence [restricted, removed from B2017-0035/004(07)] File 1969 -2004 [predominantly 198-?]
B2017-0035/004(08) Professional correspondence File 1974- 2004
B2017-0035/004(10) Correspondence, University of Toronto [restricted] File 1977 - 1978
B2017-0035/004(11) Correspondence, India trip [photographs removed, see B2017-0035/001P(05)] File 1983
B2017-0035/004(16) Correspondence re: Canadian Cultural Review Board evaluation File 1990
4 Publishing Series 1953 – 2006
B2017-0035/004(25) "The Sanskrit smrti-works and the unsanctioned dowry of the modern days" / T. Venkatacharya File n.d.
B2017-0035/004(34) Offprint, Sanskrit [?] publication by T. Venkatacharya File 1953
B2017-0035/004(37) Offprint, "The review of the Ubhayabhisarika" / T. Venkatacharya in J.A.O.S., Vol. 89, number 2 File 1969
B2017-0035/005(03) Offprint, "Some nice features in the Krsncarita of Agastyapandita" / T. Venkatacharya File Dec. 1977
B2017-0035/005(04)- (08) Typescript, "Rasarnavasudhakara" [?] File [ca. 1979]
B2017-0035/005(12) "The Udararaghava of Sakalya- Malla" File 1985
B2017-0035/005(13) "The Yaksa-Prasna-s" / Text and explanations by T. Venkatacharya File 15-Jul-88
B2017-0035/005(16) "Sri-Venkatesa-Suprabhatam. Including the strotram, prapatti and the mangalasasanam. An exposition in English" / by. T. Venkatacharya File 1994
B2017-0035/005(17) Typescript, "A new approach to "Sarva-Dharman Parityajya" (Shagavad-Gita: 13:66)" / T. Venkatacharya File [ca. 1995]
B2017-0035/006(06) "A new approach to purnsa-suktam" / An exposition by T. Venkatacharya File 2004
B2017-0035/006(19) Correspondence and translated text re: "Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatam" File 1994
5 Translation and research Series 1960 – 2002
B2017-0035/006(29) Various translated and transliterated texts, includes an original composition in verse by T. Venkatacharya entitled "Parityago na varjanam" his interpretation of a verse from the Bhagavadgita File 1984 - 2006
B2017-0035/006(32) Assembled texts of Tyagaraja's Telugu devotional compositions, Ramayana, and some grammar material File 1986
B2017-0035/007(02) Annotated extract from the Sundara Kanda of the Ramayana File May-86
B2017-0035/007(08) Adyar manuscript in Grantha characters, "Alankarasirobhusanam", copied from no. 69690 File 29 Sept. 1989
B2017-0035/007(11) Translated and transliterated texts File 1992
B2017-0035/007(25) Transliterated text, "Dayasatakam" File n.d.
B2017-0035/007(28) Annotated texts including "Karmabheda ime matah" and "Dasarupakam" File n.d.
B2017-0035/007(29) Srisuktam, Sristutih by Devendra, correspondence (?) in Tamil File n.d.
B2017-0035/007(34) Translations of devotional verses File n.d.
B2017-0035/008(02) Notebook [numbered terms, unspecified text] File [196-?]
B2017-0035/008(14) Notebook including draft correspondence to Prof. K.T.Pandurangi and draft of recommendation letter File 1999
B2017-0035/008(18) Notes to Udararaghavam File n.d.
B2017-0035/008(22) Notebook File n.d.
B2017-0035/009(01) Typescript of Camatkaracandrika by Visvanatha and notebooks including "A difficult illustrative verse in the Dasarupaka" File n.d.
B2017-0035/009(05) Thesis evaluations File 1971 -2000
B2017-0035/009(11) Swami Sara?am newsletter, Sri Ayyappa Samajam of Ontario File 1991-1992
B2017-0035/009(12) Programme, Canada Telugu conference File 1992
B2017-0035/009(13)-(14) Hindu Institute of Learning, minutes and correspondence [2 files] File 1994 -1996
B2017-0035/009(24) Transcribed manuscript of "Ubhayabhisarika" of Vararuci R 2726 (a) [from a manuscript in the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library, Madras] Copied by S. Viswanatha Sarma. With corrections [T. Venkatacharya?] File 1966-1967
B2017-0035/009(25) Personal correspondence File 23 Apr. 1992
B2017-0035/010(03) Unbound manuscript, Cintama?itika [?] by Madh(th)uranatha Tarkavagisa File n.d.
B2017-0035/010(05) Musical notations and songs File n.d.
11 Photographs Series [196-?] – [ca. 2000]
B2017-0035/001(05) Convocation programme, correspondence and clipping re: honorary degree, Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha (Deemed University) File 1996
B2017-0035/002(01) -(18) Correspondence File 1971 -July 1982
3 Correspondence Series 1953-2000
B2017-0035/003(21) Correspondence [file also includes translations. Restricted material removed, see B2017-0035/004(01)] File 1953 -2008
B2017-0035/004(01) Correspondence [restricted, removed from B2017-0035/003(21) File 1953-2008
B2017-0035/004(02) Correspondence File 1961 -1963, [197-?]
B2017-0035/004(04) Correspondence, Giuseppe Tucci File 1963 - 1964
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