University of Toronto. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1983-0029/001(05) Correspondence. General File 1982-1983
B1983-0029/001(08) Flyers File n.d.
B1983-0029/001(13) Toronto Disarmament Network. Draft constitutional proposal, with covering letter File 1 Dec 1982
B1983-0029/001(16) A.B.R. "No borders in a nuclear war", Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, XXXIX, 4, 40-41 File Apr 1983
B1983-0029/001(19) Ontario Environmental Non-governmental Oranizations. Environmental Sourcebook. File Sept 1982
B1983-0029/001(06) Correspondence. Letter from Marion Wyse to U of T Engineering Society. Draft, types and published copies File 10 Jan 1983
B1983-0029/001(07) Cruise Missile Testing Mobilization Project. Draft ouline File 1 May 1983
2 Publications Series 1982-1983, n.d.
B1983-0029/001(18) Canada. House of Commons. "Security and Disarmament: a minority report", 2 p. File Apr 1982
B1983-0029/001(21) UCAM Network News, II, 13 File Nov 1982
1 Subject files Series 1982-1983
B1983-0029/001(01) Canadian student disarmament groups. List File n.d.
B1983-0029/001(02) Membership. General File 1982-1983
B1983-0029/001(10) Poem. Untitlted, by Marion Wyse File 7 Dec 1982
B1983-0029/001(11) Press clippings File 1982-1983
B1983-0029/001(14) Toronto Disarmament Network. Structure Committee recommendations File Jan 1983
B1983-0029/001(15) List of articles on biological and chemical warfare File n.d.
B1983-0029/001(20) Science for Peace, B.C. Chapter. "The Cruise Missile: a Canadian perspective" Preparped by Adam Kahane, et al. File Jan 1983
B1983-0029/001(03) Steering Committee. Membership list and kit File 1982-1983
B1983-0029/001(04) Steering Committtee. Agendas and minutes File 1982-1983
B1983-0029/001(09) Notes File n.d.
B1983-0029/001(12) Toronto Disarmament Network. Organizational format for the TDN: a working document File n.d.
B1983-0029/001(17) Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, XXXVIII, 8 File Oct 1982