University of Toronto. Department of Surgery Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2000-0035/001(12) TGH - Special committee of the surgical staff into the P.S.I. Green Plan File 1962
B2000-0035/001(13) Nursing practices committee File 1961-1969
B2000-0035/001(16) Sesquicentennial of the Toronto General Hospital File 1979
B2000-0035/001(17) Miscellaneous file File 1963-1984
B2006-0011/001(04) TGH - Dewa Committee - Planning Committee File 1956-1958
B2006-0011/001(07) TGH - Residents' List File 1964
B2006-0011/001(08) Department of Surgery - Partnership Agreement File 1966
B2006-0011/001(09) TGH - K.G. McKenzie Fund File 1962-1975
B2006-0011/001(10) U of T - Playfair Committee File 1972
B2010-0006/001(10) W.S. Keith File 1976-1983
B2010-0006/001(11) Fred Moffat - Letter re. early years at TGH Neurological unit File 1993-1998
B2010-0006/001(12) Newsletters - Division of Neurosurgery File 1992, 2005-2008
B2000-0035/001(07) Morley appointment at the University of Toronto Department of Surgery File 1952-1958
B2000-0035/001(09) Notes made after a visit to Irving S. Cooper, St. Barnabas Hospital (New York, United States) File 1957
B2010-0006/001(06) Gordon Murray, correpondence re. File 1967-1992
B2010-0006/001(07) Gordon Murray, clippings re. spinal cord controversy File 1967
B2010-0006/001(08) TGH Neurological Unit, Mural Paintings File n.d.
B2000-0035/001(08) Correspondence File 1962-1983
B2000-0035/001(11) TGH - Medical Staff Association File 1963-1981
B2006-0011/001(05)-(06) Staff Association File 1963-1984
B2000-0035/001(10) Toronto General Hospital (TGH). Neurosurgical Staff Meetings - papers delivered by Thomas Morley File 1956-1957,1968
B2000-0035/001(14) Kenneth Livingston File 1966-1984
B2000-0035/001(15) Task force on nursing File 1969-1970
B2006-0011/001(11) Division of Neurosurgery File 1977-1978
B2010-0006/001(05) Frank Turnball, correspondence File 1955-2007
B2010-0006/001(09) E.H. Botterell, correspondence File 1973