University of Toronto: lecture notes and teaching materials Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2009-0006/010 Courses FAH 425S - FAH 2001Y File 1972-1998
B2009-0006/011 Courses FAH 2000Y - FAH 2003F File 1976-2000
B2009-0006/012(01)-(06) Courses FAH 2003S - FAH 2005H File 1989-2002
B2009-0006/008 Courses FAR 100 - FAH 422S File 1972-1992
B2009-0006/009 Courses FAH 422S - FAH 424S File 1985-2001
B2009-0006/001P Course FAH 2003F. Photos of class activities File 1988