William Edward Gallie fonds Inventory list

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B2013-0001/001(01) Gallie Bibliography File [ca. 1959]
B2013-0001/001(06) Caries of the Spine File 1909
B2013-0001/001(15) Tendon Fixation in Infantile Paralysis: A Review of 100/150 Operations File 1916
B2013-0001/001(19) How Canada is Caring for Her Crippled Soldiers File [ca. 191-]
B2013-0001/001(20) The Transplantation of Bone - with Dr. Robertson File 1918
B2013-0001/002(02) The Use of Living Sutures in Operative Surgery includes 15 b&w photographs (figures) File 1921
B2013-0001/002(04) Habitual Dislocation of the Patella - with Dr. LeMesurier File 1924
B2013-0001/002(12) Some Pitfalls to the Diagnosis of Intussusception File [ca. 192-]
B2013-0001/002(14) The Transplantation of Bone File 1931
B2013-0001/002(20) The Lower Extremity File [ca. 194-]
B2013-0001/003(10) Septic Compound Fractures' lecture File [ca. 191-]
B2013-0001/003(12) Lecture on the surgical treatment of infantile paralysis File [ca. 192-]
B2013-0001/003(15) Lecture on bones File [ca. 192-]
B2013-0001/003(19) Mayo Foundation Lecture File [ca. 193-]
B2013-0001/008(10) History of the Hospital for Sick Children with a letter to Louise Gallie File 1930
B2013-0001/008(14) Flight log - American Overseas Airlines File 1947
B2013-0001/008(15) University of Toronto Commencement Pamphlets - annotations File 1947 -1949
B2013-0001/008(23) Loose scrapbook materials from back cover File [ca. 191-]-[ca. 195-]
B2013-0001/001P(11) Medical illustration of a wound File [ca. 192-]
B2013-0001/001P(14) The Four Hoursemen/Muskateers" Dr.'s Harris, Robertson, Gallie, and Le Mesurier playing golf File 1940
B2013-0001/001P(18) American Surgeons Gift Lectern, image of members surrounding the lectern File 1947
B2013-0001/002P(01) "Amputations" lantern slide, prosthetic leg File [ca. 192-]
B2013-0001/002P(03) "Amputations" lantern slide, prosthetic leg File [ca. 192-]
B2013-0001/002P(05) "Amputations" lantern slide, prosthetic leg attachment File [ca. 192-]
B2013-0001/002P(06) "Amputations" lantern slide, amputation stump File [ca. 192-]
B2013-0001/002P(07) "Amputations" lantern slide, man with two amputated legs File [ca. 192-]
B2013-0001/002P(08) "Amputations" lantern slide, amputation stump File [ca. 192-]
B2013-0001/002P(12) "Subastragular Arthrodesis in Fractures of the Os Calcis" lantern slide, Figure 2 - Illustration of front ankle bone File 1943
B2013-0001/002P(13) "Subastragular Arthrodesis in Fractures of the Os Calcis" lantern slide, Figure 3 - X-ray of ankle bone File 1943
B2013-0001/002P(17) Dislocation of the shoulder lantern slide possibly used in "Recurring Dislocation of the Shoulder" - Illustration of surgical procedure, patient on a gurney File [ca. 1948]
B2013-0001/002P(25) Image of a medallion decreed to W.E. Gallie File [ca. 1948]
B2013-0001/003P(03) Glass slide - X-ray of dog bone File [ca. 191-]
B2013-0001/003P(07) Glass slide - X-ray of dog bone File [ca. 191-]
B2013-0001/003P(08) Glass slide - X-ray of dog bone File [ca. 191-]
B2013-0001/004(02) Lecture on the presentation of medical papers File [ca. 193-]
B2013-0001/004(05) Lecture on the impressions of gastric surgery, includes patient information [RESTRICTED] File [ca. 1936]
B2013-0001/004(13) Lecture to the first-year students of Pharmacy on the occasion of the formal opening of school File 1940
B2013-0001/004(14) Lecture to the Canadian Medical Association on the back and sciatica File 1940
B2013-0001/004(15) Address at the unveiling of a portrait of Dr. E. Robertson File 1945
B2013-0001/004(18) Presidents Address for the American Surgical Association File 1948
B2013-0001/004(20) Address to the Southern Surgical Association File 1948
B2013-0001/004(29) Transplantation of Articular Surfaces presented to American Orthopaedic Association, includes patient information, 9 photgraphs; b&w, 3 x-rays, 1 sketch [RESTRICTED] File 1954-1956
B2013-0001/005(02) Research journal - Dog testing with bone grafts and boiled bone File 1914-1939
B2013-0001/005(03) Research journal - Miscellaneous research notes File 1919
4 Correspondence Series 1904-1959
B2013-0001/006(01) Correspondence regarding the Boston Lecture File 1935
B2013-0001/006(02) Professional Correspondence as Professor at U of T File 1931-1936
B2013-0001/006(05) Correspondence with Dr. Rudolph Matas File 1940-1949
B2013-0001/006(10) Correspondence with Butterworth & Co. regarding the publication of 'The Transplantation of Fascia' File 1946-1947
B2013-0001/007(03) Correspondence regarding the Royal College of Surgeons of England File 1947-1957
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