Albert Salisbury Abel fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1982-0014/006 Faculty of Law. Council File 1970-1978
B1982-0014/007(03) Class lists File
B1982-0014/009(01) American Bar Association File 1966
B1982-0014/010(01) Canada. Commission of Inquiry concerning certain activities of the RCMP File 1978
B1982-0014/011(01) Examinations. commercial law File 1959-1976
B1982-0014/011(04) Examinations. federal procedure File 1947-1949
B1982-0014/011(07) Examinations. negotiable instruments File 1939-1954
B1982-0014/013(02) Lawrence & Shaw (legal case) File 1974-1976
B1982-0014/013(04) Hart House. Debates Committee File 1974-1977
B1982-0014/015(01) U of T. Senate Committee on Ceremonies File 1968-1971
B1982-0014/016(01) U of T. Caput File 1974-1975
B1982-0014/016(04) U of T. Commission on University Government File 1967-1969
B1982-0014/017(02) Correspondence. H File 1942-1977
B1982-0014/017(05) Correspondence. K File 1942-1976
B1982-0014/019(02) Correspondence. S File 1946-1976
B1982-0014/019(05) Correspondence. W File 1940-1977
B1982-0014/019(07) Correspondence (outgoing) File 1963-1977
B1982-0014/019(10) Estate of Edith A. Shafer File 1961
B1982-0014/001 Course notes and legal notes File 1937-[194-]
B1982-0014/002(03) International law (emphasis on pollution) File [197-]
B1982-0014/004 Book research notes File [ca. 1962]
B1982-0014/007(01) Faculty of Law. Committees File 1968-1970
B1982-0014/008(01) Canadian Association of University Teachers. Immigration Committee, especially re Y.S. Brenner and Chandler Davis File 1961-1965
B1982-0014/009(02) Faculty of Law. Council of Graduate Studies File 1961-1970
B1982-0014/010(02) Examinations. Administrative law File 1941-1976
B1982-0014/011(02) Examinations. constitutional law File 1941-1977
B1982-0014/011(05) Examinations. insurance (George Washington University) File 1941
B1982-0014/011(08) Examinations. personal property File 1955-1970
B1982-0014/012(02) Examinations. trade regulations File 1955
B1982-0014/012(05) Miscellaneous reports on liability and insurance File 1959-1970
B1982-0014/012(08) Miscellaneous mimeographed articles on legal issues File
B1982-0014/014(01) U of T. Caput File 1969-1973
B1982-0014/015(02) U of T. Senate Committee on Applications and Memorials File 1969-1972
B1982-0014/016(02) U of T. Committee on Honorary Degrees File 1969-1971
B1982-0014/016(05) U of T. Commission on University Government. Senate and Caput File 1967-1969
B1982-0014/017(03) Correspondence. I File 1948-1977
B1982-0014/017(06) Correspondence. L File 1942-1977
B1982-0014/017(09) Correspondence. P File 1941-1976
B1982-0014/018(03) Correspondence. C File 1940-1977
B1982-0014/018(06) Correspondence. F File 1940-1975
B1982-0014/019(08) Conference of British, Canadian, and American Law Teachers (1960) File 1960
B1982-0014/020-/021 USA Office of Price Administration. Correspondence, reports, etc. File 1941-1942
B1982-0014/002(01) Abel, Albert S. Cases and materials on administrative law, 1962 File [196-]
B1982-0014/003(01) Examination materials File 1975
B1982-0014/005(01) Class lists File 1959-1975
B1982-0014/005(03) University of Toronto Law Journal. Editorial board File 1968-1976
B1982-0014/010(03) Abel, Albert. evidence on civil procedure File 1951
B1982-0014/011(03) Examinations (Harvard) File 1947-1959
B1982-0014/011(06) Examinations. legislation File 1947
B1982-0014/011(09) Examinations. Notes, exams in sales File 1938-1955
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