Angelina Elizabeth McBryde fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1980-0001/001(02) Appendix 1: Publication List 1 p. File ca. 1979
B1980-0001/001(03) Appendix 2: Excerpts from "A study of the enrolment of women in the University of Toronto" by Marni de Pencier, 23 p. File July 1973
B1980-0001/001(06) Apepndix 5: Commission on Post-Secondary Education in Ontario. A brief submitted to it by the Ad Hoc Committee on the Employment of Women at the University of Toronto, April 1972, with accompanying letter in the CAUT Bulletin, 25 p. File 1974
B1980-0001/001(15) Appendix E. "Fees, 1873, 1894"; further information on women being admitted to the University of Toronto, n.d. File n.d.
B1980-0001/001(04) Appendix 3: "Women receiving their degrees, 1885-1900" 5 p. File [197-]
B1980-0001/001(07) Appendix 6: Notes from University of Toronto Archives oral history interview with Professor Dorothy F. Forward (B1978-0003), 4p. File 26 Apr 1973
B1980-0001/001(09) Appendix 8: "Life history of Helen Sawyer Hogg" 2 p. File [197-]
B1980-0001/001(11) Appendix A. "Table of degrees, diplomas and certificates awarded, 1969/70-1973/74" 15 p. File [197-]
B1980-0001/001(12) Appendix B: Enrolment statistics, University of Toronto , 1977-1978 24 p. File ca. 1979
B1980-0001/001(01) McBryde, Jill. "Early Graduates and Academic Women at the University of Toronto" A paper submitted to History 359, 36 p. File 12 Apr 1979
B1980-0001/001(05) Appendix 4: Excerpts from University of Toronto Doctoral Theses, 1897-1967: a bibliography. Comp. Judy Mills and Irene Dombra. Toronto: U of T Press, 12 p. File 1968
B1980-0001/001(10) Appendix 9: "Miss M. Seaman, M.A." 3p. File [197-]
B1980-0001/001(13) Appendix C: Table of degrees conferred, 1844-1904, 1p. File [197-]
B1980-0001/001(16) Statistical data on women enrolled in the University of Toronto, 1971-1975, 7 p. File [197-]
B1980-0001/001(08) Appendix 7: "PhD graduates up to 1930" 1 p. File [197-]
B1980-0001/001(14) Appendix D: "Occupations of women graduates of Canadian universities" n.d. 1p. File n.d.