Annual reports and other records Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1994.104V-8-9 Annual reports File 1959-1963
1994.104V-8-10 Annual report File 1964
2001.006V-4-9 Annual reports File 1994
2001.006V-4-10 Departmental reports File 1967-1970
2005.028V-2-5 Guide to the Library File 1976
2010.03V-6-12 Annual reports File 1995-1998
2010.03V-6-13 Departmental statistics File 1990-1991
2010.03V-6-16 Departmental statistics File 1993-1994
2012.28V-2-13 Annual reports File 2000-2003
2012.28V-2-17 Statistics - National Library File 1995-2000
2012.28V-2-18 Strategy Planning Sessions Report File 1999
2012.28V-2-19 Victoria College Council - Reports to File 1991
2018.06V1-6 INF002: Reports and Statistics - UTL Annual Survey of Libraries File 2007-2008
2018.06V1-12 INF004: Planning - Goals and Objectives File 2007-2008
2018.06V2-2 [Annual Reports and Statistics - Bibliographic Services and Reader Services] File 2002-2003
1994.104V-8-3 Reports File 1898-1904
1994.104V-8-4 Annual report File 1927
1994.104V-8-8 Annual reports File 1955-1958
1994.104V-8-11 Annual report File 1965
1994.104V-8-12 Guidelines, manuals, rules and other records File 1878-1953
2000.041V-1-9 Report of the Carnegie Corporation Fund File 1934-1935
2001.006V-5-1 Departmental reports and statistics File 1981-1983
2001.006V-5-11 Report on Technical Services File 1977
2001.006V-5-13 Reports to Emmanuel College Council File 1988-1994 (incomplete)
2010.03V-6-10 American Theological Association statistics File 1968-1979
2010.03V-6-11 American Theological Association/Association of Theological Schools File 1970-1997
2010.03V-6-18 Departmental statistics File 1993-1996
2010.03V-7-1 Departmental statistics File 1996-1997
2010.03V-7-2 Departmental statistics File 1997-1998
2010.03V-7-3 Departmental statistics File 1998-1999
2010.03V-7-8 Statistics Canada File 1966-1992
2018.06V1-3 INF002: Reports and Statistics - UTL Annual Survey of Libraries File 2004-2005
2018.06V1-8 INF004: Planning - Goals and Objectives File 2003-2004
2018.06V1-10 INF004: Planning - Goals and Objectives File 2005-2006
1994.104V-8-5 Annual reports File 1928-1945
1994.104V-8-6 Annual reports File 1946-1949
1994.104V-8-13 Reports, evaluations, statements and policies File 1935-1970
2001.006V-4-11 Departmental reports File 1971-1975
2001.006V-4-12 Departmental reports and statistics File 1975-1980
2001.006V-5-4 Departmental reports and statistics File 1986
2001.006V-5-5 Departmental reports and statistics File 1987
2001.006V-5-6 Departmental reports and statistics File 1988
2001.006V-5-9 Emmanuel College Library American Theological Library Association report File 1966
2001.006V-5-10 Public Service statistics File 1971-1985
2001.006V-6-1 Statistics File 1976-1980
2001.086V-1-1 Acquisition Unit annual reports File 1991
2005.028V-2-4 Library Statistics, Academic year 1950 - 1951 File 1951
2005.028V-2-6 Feasibility Studies for the renovations of the E.J. Pratt and Emmanuel College Libraries File 1997
2010.03V-6-14 Departmental statistics File 1991-1992
2010.03V-6-15 Departmental statistics File 1992-1993
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