Blake Wrong family fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1 Textual records Series 1906-1919
B2009-0019/001P(04) Gerald Edward Blake File 1913
B2009-0019/001P(07) Margaret Blake? File [191-?]
B2009-0019/001P(09) Verschoyle Blake in uniform File [191-]
B2009-0019/001P(16) Harold Wrong, Rosemary Wrong and Paul Armstrong File 1916
B2009-0019/001P(20)-(23) Cronyn or Kerr family? Unidentified File n.d.
B2009-0019/002P(02) Edward Francis Blake File [191-?]
2 Graphic material Series
B2009-0019/001P(02) Rebecca Blake File [187-?] , [189-?]
B2009-0019/001P(10) Francis Blake in uniform File [191-]
B2009-0019/001P(12) Harold Wrong File [191-]
B2009-0019/001P(14) Murray Wrong File 192-?
B2009-0019/001P(26) Arthur Goulding ? File [189-], [191-]
B2009-0019/001P(28) Blake album: Point au Pic, Murray Bay, Cap aux Oies, 449 Jarvis File [189-?]
B2009-0019/001P(05)-(06) Gerald Edward Blake File 1915?
B2009-0019/001P(08) Hume Blake? in uniform File [191-]
B2009-0019/001P(15) Hume Wrong (4 images) File [191-]
B2009-0019/001P(17)-(19) Unidentified portraits of children File n.d.
B2009-0019/001P(24) Marion Kerr File n.d.
B2009-0019/002P(03) 4 photographs matted in a row belonging to Gerald Blake File n.d.
B2009-0019/001P(01) Samuel Hume Blake File n.d.
B2009-0019/001P(03) May or Kit Blake File ca. 1900?
B2009-0019/001P(11) 2 portraits, members of Blake family? File [191-], [192-?]
B2009-0019/001P(13) Harold Wrong in uniform File ca. 1914-15
B2009-0019/001P(25) Percy Saunders and Jack Moss (tintype) File [188-?]
B2009-0019/001P(27) Milburn House, Oakville; Bertha Heinman File n.d.
B2009-0019/002P (01) Samuel Hume Blake File [188-?]