Christian Bay fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2014-0010/001(03) Press clippings about Bay File 1968-1969
B2014-0010/001(05) Publisher biographies File [197--1985?]
B2014-0010/001(07) Curriculum Vitae File 1961-1985
B2014-0010/001(10) Article about Bay: "Liberalism and Public Education" by Jan Narveson File 1988
B2014-0010/001(13) Ross Fitzgerald. "Human Needs and Political Prescriptions: A Study of the Work of Christian Bay." University of New South Wales: PhD thesis, 1974. Drafts of chapters File [197-]
B2014-0010/001A(07) House insurance document File 1963
B2014-0010/001A(10) Automobile registration File 1967
B2014-0010/002(03) Permit to re-enter the United States File 1956
B2014-0010/002(06) Copy of baptismal certificate File 1986
B2014-0010/002(17) Death certificate and crematorium/cemetery documents File 1990
B2014-0010/002(19) Personal calendar File 1974, 1982, 1986
B2014-0010/002(22) Personal collection: Eidsvold and other illegal papers (part 2): "Alt for Norge" newsletter [All For Norway] File 1941-1942
B2014-0010/059 Personal Collection. Books: Norsk Presse Under Hakekorset [Norwegian Press Under the Swastika]: Vol. I-III - reprinting of a what appears to be underground and resistance newspapers during World War II File [1945?]
B2014-0010/039(01) Personal Collection: Book by Bay's uncle "Life's Riddle" File 1954
B2014-0010/004(02) Letter lists: 1956, 1966, 1968, 1988 File 1956-1988
B2014-0010/004(05) Correspondence with Juanita Bay File 1958
B2014-0010/004(08) Correspondence with Juanita Bay File 1971-1978
B2014-0010/005(01) Get well soon cards/messages File 1975-1976
B2014-0010/005(04) Application and scholarships File 1945-1946
B2014-0010/005(07) Correspondence File 1981-1989
B2014-0010/005(10) Correspondence [Norwegian] File 1973-1974
B2014-0010/005(13) Correspondence - Professional File 1980-1989
B2014-0010/006(01) Correspondence (Part II) File May 1955 - Mar 1956
B2014-0010/006(04) Correspondence (Part I) File Nov 1956 - June 1957
B2014-0010/007(02) Correspondence (Part II) File Jul 1957 - Feb 1958
B2014-0010/007(05) Correspondence (Part I) File Feb - June 1959
B2014-0010/008(06) Correspondence (Part I) File Jan - Apr1960
B2014-0010/009(01) Correspondence (Part II) File Apr - Aug 1960
B2014-0010/009(04) Correspondence (Part I) File Jan - Apr 1961
B2014-0010/010(01) Correspondence (Part II) File May - Aug 1961
B2014-0010/010(04) Correspondence (Part I) File Jan - June 1962
B2014-0010/011(02) Correspondence (Part II) File June - Oct 1962
B2014-0010/011(05) Correspondence (Part I) File Feb - May 1963
B2014-0010/012(03) Correspondence (Part II) File June - Oct 1963
B2014-0010/013(01) Correspondence (Part I) File Mar - Sept 1964
B2014-0010/013(04) Correspondence (Part II) File Oct - Feb 1965
B2014-0010/014(05) Correspondence (Part II) File Nov 1965 - Feb 1966
B2014-0010/015(03) Correspondence (Part I) File June - Oct 1966
B2014-0010/016(01) Correspondence (Part II) File Oct - Dec 1966
B2014-0010/016(04) Correspondence (Part I) File Apr - May 1967
B2014-0010/017(02) Correspondence (Part II) File May - Aug 1967
B2014-0010/017(05) Correspondence (Part I) File Nov - Dec 1967
B2014-0010/018(02) Correspondence (Part II) File Jan - Mar 1968
B2014-0010/018(05) Correspondence (Part I) File June - Sept 1968
B2014-0010/019(03) Correspondence (Part II) File Oct - Dec 1968
B2014-0010/021(02) Correspondence (Part I) File Dec 1969 - Mar 1970
B2014-0010/021(05) Correspondence (Part II) File Mar - July 1970
B2014-0010/022(02) Correspondence (Part I) File Jan - Mar 1971
B2014-0010/022(05) Correspondence (Part II) File Apr - Aug 1971
B2014-0010/023(03) Correspondence (Part I) File Jan - Mar 1972
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