Davidson William Black sous-fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2011-0011/006(04) Diary, Ontario Fire Ranger summer employment, May-August 1906, with some loose entries File 1906
B2011-0011/006(06) Diary, with loose items, including expenses File 1913
B2011-0011/007(11) Davidson Black's "Journal of Ornithology" (1904), with loose items File n.d.-1932
B2011-0011/008(06) Honours : honorary degree, U of Toronto, 1930-09-16 File 1930
B2011-0011/008(07) Honours : Daniel Girard Elliot medal for 1931 File 1933-1934
B2011-0011/017(05) Honours. Royal Society of London, 1932. Certificate announcing Davidson Black's election to the Royal Society, 6 May 1932 File 1932
B2011-0011/001P(04) Davidson Black and friends at 39 Heath Street, Toronto, 1910 File 1910
B2011-0011/001P(07) Davidson Black, autographed, 16 November 1912 File 1912
B2011-0011/001P(24) "Back yard goings on at 46 Bloor Street West, September 1914. Grace N., NO and Adena." File 1914
B2011-0011/001P(27) Davidson Black. Photographic portrait File n.d.
B2011-0011/001P(39) Adena Black, 8 Linden Street, Toronto, 1 March 1919. Negatives and photoprints File 1919
B2011-0011/009(05) Adena Black to Davidson Black, unnumbered letters and postcards File Jun.-Oct. 1913
B2011-0011/010(05) Correspondence with Mrs. L. F. Barker File 1919-1928
B2011-0011/010(06) Letter from Nelle Calder File 1930
B2011-0011/010(07) Correspondence with J. J. R. Macleod (includes Macleod’s hand painted Christmas card) File 1921
3 Education Series 1896-1909
B2011-0011/010(08) Certificates for Wellesley School, the Provincial Model School, and entrance to Harbord Collegiate File 1896-1899
B2011-0011/010(10) University of Toronto. Faculty of Medicine. Tickets and certificates File 1902-1905
B2011-0011/011(02) University of Toronto. Faculty of Arts. Hand-drawn map on linen for prospecting for minerals in the Temagami Forest Reserve File 1907
B2011-0011/001P(25) 6100 Hough Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio File 1915
B2011-0011/012(03) Diary, August-September, 1918 File 1918
B2011-0011/012(04) Canadian Army Medical Corps. "Active Service Testament, 1910", 1917; name card; Christmas card, 1918; leave pass, 31 August - 5 September 1918 File 1917-1918
B2011-0011/012(06) Returned Soldiers' Insurance File 1929
B2011-0011/001P(31) Quebec City, 26 June 1918 File 1918
B2011-0011/001P(33) Davidson and Redmond Black in military uniforms, Toronto, 1918. File 1918
B2011-0011/001P(37) Witley Camp, Surrey. Ernshaw, Davidson Black's batman, 3 January (4 negatives) and 18 January (1 photoprint), 1919 File 1919
B2011-0011/001P(38) Witley Camp, Surrey. Ernshaw, Davidson Black's batman, 3 and 18 January 1919 File 1919
B2011-0011/008A-/022A Military service artifacts File n.d.
B2011-0011/012(17) Peking American School. Annual Announcement (10th : 1928-1929) File 1928
B2011-0011/012(19A) Press coverage of Davidson Black File 1933-1934
B2011-0011/012(21) Guide to Peking, 1931, published by 'The [Peking] Leader' File 1930
B2011-0011/002P(03) The Blacks at home in Peking, with friends, May 1920, Negatives, photoprints File 1920
B2011-0011/002P(05) Casual photos taken with Adena's camera, June 1920. Negatives, photoprints File 1920
B2011-0011/002P(14A) Davidson and Adena Black, 26 April 1921. Negatives File 1921
B2011-0011/002P(15) Peitaiho, 294 Eastcliffe, summer 1921. Photoprints File 1921
B2011-0011/002P(17)-(19) Shakoutun, 23-27 June 1921 (Rolls I-III for Adena), negatives and photoprints File 1921
B2011-0011/002P(21) Peitaiho and Peking, 7 July 1921 (Roll V for Adena). Negatives and photoprints File 1921
B2011-0011/002P(28) Davidson and Adena Black with Davy, Easter Sunday, 16 April 1922. Negatives File 1922
B2011-0011/002P(32) Karuizawa and Japan trip, 3 August - 13 September 1922. Negatives and photoprints File 1922
B2011-0011/002P(37) Adena Black, 8 April 1923. Negatives and photoprint File 1923
B2011-0011/002P(43) View of ?, 20 November 1924. Negatives, photoprint File 1924
B2011-0011/002P(48) At rented cottage in the Western Hills, Wo Fu SSu, 9-19 April 1925. Negatives, photoprints File 1925
B2011-0011/002P(49) At "Wo Fu Ssu outside Peking". Photoprints File n.d.
B2011-0011/002P(50) Peitaiho, 28 June 1925. Negatives, prints File 1925
B2011-0011/002P(52) Davy Black and Martha Howard at the sea, 4 September 1925. Photoprints File 1925
B2011-0011/003P(01) The Blacks, New Year's Day, 1926. Negatives File 1926
B2011-0011/003P(02)-(03) Adena and Nevitt Black, 24 February and 4 March 1926. Negatives File 1926
B2011-0011/003P(07) Adena Black and unidentified woman, Toronto, n.d. Photo by Newsreel Snaps, Toronto. Photoprint File [1926?]
B2011-0011/003P(09) Adena Black and Amah with Davy and Nevitt, 1926 (?). Photoprints File [1926?]
B2011-0011/003P(13) Christmas, 17 and 25 December, 1926. Negatives File 1926
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