Douglas Findlay McCarthy sous-fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
3 Certificates Series 1924-1979
B2008-0006/001P(02) U of T. Junior School Water Polo [Torontonensis, p. 75] File 1929
B2008-0006/002P(01) U of T Team photo [basketball?] D.F. McCarthy 4th from right] File ca 1925-1929
5 Artifacts Series 1925-1994
2 Student and project notebooks Series 1928-1933
B2008-0006/001P(06) Group photo of D.F. McCarthy receiving Arbor Award from Pres. Prichard and Chancellor Rose Wolfe and Group photo of D. F. McCarthy receiving Chancellor’s Circle Medal Class of 2T9 (65th anniversary). With Chancellor Rose Wolfe & Dean of Engineering? File 1993, 1994
B2008-0006/003P(02) Group composite photo, “Fourth Year Executive Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering” D.F. McCarthy, Vice-president. File 1929
B2008-0006/001P(03) U of T S.P.S. [School of Practical Science] [Water] Polo Team File 1927-1928
B2008-0006/001P(04) U of T Senior School Water Polo [Torontonensis, p. 86] File 1928-1929
B2008-0006/003P(01) Group photo “Class2-T-9 Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering 1926” [D.F. McCarthy, 5th row, 5th from right] File 1926
B2008-0006/004P Group composite photograph “Graduating class Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering University of Toronto 1929” File 1929
1 Personal Series 1893-1930
4 Photographs Series 1924-1994
B2008-0006/001P(01) Portrait, high school graduation “rec’d Christmas, 1925” and Portrait, University graduation (Engineering) File 1924, 1929
B2008-0006/001P(05) “Memorial Tower University of Toronto” by Owen Staples. Etching File ca 1930