Education Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2009-0005/001(10)-(17) Frederic Urban, education: especially at Cathedral High School, Merrimack College, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and Whitney Museum of American Art File 1957-1978
B2009-0005/001P(07) Annotated photos of interior and environs of Cathedral High School File 1957
B2009-0005/002(01) Cathedral Chronicle File 1969-1960
B2009-0005/012 Yale University. Courses and projects (1972-1975); tuition postponement plan, memorabilia File [195-] - 1999
B2007-0011/097(01)-(16) Yale University. Architecture E-99 design studies project: 'A look at Merrimac College', with Professor Charles Moore, 1973-1974. 16 panels. File 1973
B2007-0011/014(04) Miami University, Architecture 232. Drawings for house student project File 1964
B2007-0011/091 Yale University. Student project: U.S. consulate, Bombay (Charles Moore design studio). Drawings File 1973-1974
B2019-0009/003(19) Miami University File 1961-1967
B2009-0005/001P(08) Frederic Urban's high school graduation photos File 1959
B2007-0011/001P(10)-(12) Miami University and Yale University. Photoprints, contact print, negatives File 1962-1975
B2009-0005/001P(09) Yale University. Drawings and sketches, 1973-1975 File 1973-1975
B2007-0011/013 Miami and Yale Universities. Design project drawings File 1963-1975
B2007-0011/088(05) Yale University. Figure drawings, sketches (for Professor Richard Lytle) File 1974
B2007-0011/090 Yale University. Figure drawings for Professor Richard Lytle File 1974
B2019-0009/003(20) Miami University, assignment book [used as personal diary] File 1962 -1963
B2009-0005/001(04)-(06) Larry Richards, education: Miami and Yale Universities File 1967-1975
B2009-0005/001P(09) Annotated photos of Merrimack College File 1959
B2007-0011/010 Matthews Elementary School; Jefferson High School reunion (2007); Miami University; Yale University File [195-] - 2007
B2007-0011/009(06)-(08) Miami University. Design project and figure drawings File 1962-1965
B2009-0005/001P(06) Larry Richards and classmates (Frances Lachman and Byrd Swift) at Miami University File [196-]
B2009-0005/011 Portfolio for admission to Yale University File 1972
B2007-0011/014(06) Yale University File 1971-1979
B2007-0011/088(01) Yale University. Colour studies with Professor Armin Hoffman (Swiss) File 1974
B2007-0011/092 Yale University. Philadelphia museum project (Charles Moore design studio): Academy of Natural Sciences- Resource and energy conservation. Drawings, 1974-04 File 1974
B2019-0009/003(18) "My Choice", essay by L. Richards File [195-?]
B2009-0005/002(02) Merrimack Warrior File 1960-1961
B2009-0005/012(07) Yale University. Architecture E-99 design studies project: 'A look at Merrimac College', with Professor Charles Moore, 1973-1974. Conceptual discussion File 1974
B2007-0011/014(05) Miami University. Undated drawing and drawings for summer internship, 1966 File n.d., 1966
B2007-0011/088(02) Yale University. Colour studies with Professor Richard Lytle, Fall term, 1973 File 1973
B2007-0011/088(03) Yale University. " 'Air death/Earth birth', 'sculpture' project with David Rabinovich, visiting professor in sculpture. October 1974 File 1974
B2007-0011/088(04) Yale University. 'Conceptual drawing of my childhood memories on/in the Jefferson Township/Grant County, Indiana (Jeffersonian grid)' File 1973-1974
B2007-0011/[#66] Yale University (?). Summer student work for George Cox, architect File n.d.