Eleanor Cook fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1 Education and career Series 1947-2008
B2013-0006/001(02) Post-secondary education and early career File 1953-1976
B2013-0006/001(09) Connaught Research Fellowship File 1994-1997
B2013-0006/001(11) SSHRC File 2001
B2013-0006/001(12) Representative Poetry Online: editorial board File 2007-2008
B2013-0006/004(20) PhD: old reading lists and questions File 1977-1994
B2013-0006/004(23) ENG 348: Modern poetry File [n.d.]
B2013-0006/005(12) University of Toronto Quarterly (UTQ): issue on allusion File 1991-1992
B2013-0006/005(15) "The Figure of Enigma: Rhetoric, History, Poetry" Rhetorica File 1999-2001
B2013-0006/005(17) Enigma MS: final editing File [200-]
B2013-0006/006(09) "Biblical Allusion, Wordsworth and After" lecture in Indiana File Mar. 1993
B2013-0006/006(10) ALSC conference: on John Hollander File 1995-2005
B2013-0006/006(15) Cornell University, class of 1916 lecture, "Riddles, enigmas, and poetry" File 2001
B2013-0006/006(16) MLA radio, "Travels to Italy" File 2002
B2013-0006/001(01) Early education File 1947-1950
B2013-0006/001(04) Employment File 1972-1994
B2013-0006/001(06) SSHRC File 1985, 1991
B2013-0006/001(08) Guggenheim Fellowship File 1994
B2013-0006/001(10) Academy of American Poets: Online Poetry classroom project File 1999-2000
4 Teaching records Series 1977-[199-]
B2013-0006/004(19) Teaching notes: Stevens File [n.d.]
B2013-0006/004(21) 155B: Browning course material File [n.d.]
B2013-0006/004(22) ENG 201: Reading poetry File [n.d.]
B2013-0006/005(01) ENG 348: Modern poetry: Yeats teaching notes File [n.d.]
B2013-0006/005(02) 5951: Eliot, Stevens and their successors File [199-?]
B2013-0006/005(05) Among the lexicographers: appendix File [n.d.]
B2013-0006/005(06) Wallace Stevens book: Introduction File [n.d.]
B2013-0006/005(11) "Ghost rhymes" notes File 1989-1992
B2013-0006/005(16) Enigma MS: outs File [200-]
B2013-0006/006(08) "The Poetics of Biblical Allusion" at Boston U File 1991-1992
B2013-0006/006(12) "Riddles of Procreation" Connotations Symposium File Aug. 1999
B2013-0006/006(13) MLA: Tribute to John Hollander File Dec. 1999
B2013-0006/001(03) Job offers File 1982-1990
2 Correspondence Series 1954-2009
B2013-0006/005(04) 6250: Re-hearing the English Bible: Studies in Allusion File 1990
5 Publication files Series 1981-2010
B2013-0006/005(10) "Melos vs. Logos: or, Why Doesn't God Sing?" File 1988, 1998
B2013-0006/005(13) The Language of Sculpture in Wordsworth's Prelude File 1991-1996
B2013-0006/006(01) "Enigma as art" File 2002-2003
B2013-0006/006(03) Thrush in T.S. Eliot's 'The Waste Land', note in Notes and Queries File 2008
B2013-0006/006(04) Frye and Monism essay, re-pub File 2009
B2013-0006/006(05) "Ambiguity and the Poets" File 2009-2010
6 Presentations Series 1985-2009
B2013-0006/006(06) Arts and letters, Feb 2 File [n.d.]
B2013-0006/006(07) Munich 1985: language [poets?] File 1985
B2013-0006/006(14) Japan visit File 2001
B2013-0006/006(18) Three favourite poems File May. 2009
B2013-0006/001(05) Yale: visiting professor File 1997
B2013-0006/001(07) Killam Research Fellowship File 1993-1997
3 Peer review and evaluations Series 1987-2005
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