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B2014-0005/039(04) Various/General: Asian Women’s Worker Newsletter File 2003-2004
B2014-0005/039(11) Various/General: Women’s Research Centre: Immigrant Women Committee File 1977-1978
B2014-0005/039(18) ATAC: Joint Adjustment Committee File 1993
B2014-0005/039(19) ATAC: Members list File 1993
B2014-0005/040(01) ATAC: Minutes File 30 Aug 1991
B2014-0005/040(04) ATAC: Rebuilding the bridges: immigrant women and English language training programs in the garment and textile industry / Pat Hitchcock with Kerstin Roger File 1992
B2014-0005/040(05) ATAC: Report submitted to Industrial Adjustment Service, Employment and Immigration Canada and Ontario Ministry of Labour / Roxana Ng File 9 July 1991
B2014-0005/040(08) CERIS (The Ontario Metropolis Centre): Admin File 1997-1998
B2014-0005/041(01) CERIS: Transforming policy development through comparative research: the challenge for Canada’ Metropolis project File [1998?]
B2014-0005/041(04) CRIAW: Federal plan for gender equality and related materials (with ICREF) File 1995-1996
B2014-0005/041(12) CRIAW: CURA: FemNorthNet: learning from women’s experiences of community transformations File 2008-2010
B2014-0005/042(01) CRIAW: Pamphlets and factsheets File 1998-2006
B2014-0005/042(03) CRIAW: Reports, publications File 1995-1996
B2014-0005/042(12) ILGWU: GSE project: worker adjustment in the garment sector File 1993-1996
B2014-0005/042(17) INTERCEDE: The bare essentials : a needs assessment of foreign domestic workers in Ontario File May 1991
B2014-0005/043(01) INTERCEDE: Briefs, responses to government reports File 1981-1991
B2014-0005/043(03) INTERCEDE: Correspondence, letter soliciting endorsements, etc File 1980-1981
B2014-0005/043(08) INTERCEDE: Press release clippings File 1980-1983
B2014-0005/044(03) Jade Garden Adjustment Committee: Contract, official correspondence, originals of minutes and agenda File 1994
B2014-0005/044(08) Jade Garden Adjustment Committee: Employee list File 1994
B2014-0005/044(09) Jade Garden Adjustment Committee: A profile of Chinese immigrants in Metropolitan Toronto File 1992
B2014-0005/044(10) Jade Garden Adjustment Committee: Report drafts, interviews, notes File 1994
B2014-0005/044(12) Jade Garden Adjustment Committee: Telephone survey File 1994
B2014-0005/044(13) National Organization of Immigrant and Visible Minority Women of Canada (NOICMWC) File 1986-1989
B2014-0005/045(04) UNITE: Federal Task Force File 1999
B2014-0005/045(08) UNITE: People, work and innovation, final report File 1997
B2014-0005/045(10) UNITE: Publications File 1999-2001
B2014-0005/046(03) WWIW: New Brunswick: Immigrant women as small business entrepreneurs File 1985
B2014-0005/046(07) WWIW: Newsletter File 1987-1992
B2014-0005/039(03) Various/General: Misc. brochures etc. File n.d.
B2014-0005/039(05) Various/General: Fight Fees Coalition, U of T File 2008
B2014-0005/039(06) Various/General: Housewive’s Initiative and Women’s Action Group : Taking what’s ours: every woman’s guide to welfare and student aid File 1978
B2014-0005/039(13) Apparel Textile Action Committee (ATAC): Adjustment proposals File 1992
B2014-0005/039(17) ATAC: Final report submitted to Industrial adjustment Service (IAS), Human Resources Development Canada and Ontario Office of Labour Adjustment / Roxana Ng File 1993-1994
B2014-0005/040(02) ATAC: Minutes File 1 Dec 1992
B2014-0005/040(10) CERIS: Overview of recent CERIS research, 2002-2007 File [2007?]
B2014-0005/040(11) CERIS: Proceedings of the 4th National Metropolis Conference: Building partnerships in immigration research and policy File 2001
B2014-0005/040(12) CERIS: Research retreat File 15 Oct 2004
B2014-0005/041(02) CRIAW (Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women): Board Nomination Advisory Committee File 2009
B2014-0005/041(03) CRIAW: Conference, Sudbury File 15-17 Oct 1999
B2014-0005/041(05) CRIAW: Final report for CRIAW community/academic research partnership project: prairie region case studies / Susan Prentice File June 1996
B2014-0005/041(11) CRIAW: Minutes of consultation: women and development, University of Ottawa File Aug 1989
B2014-0005/042(07) CRIAW: Think tank on women’s economic security, Ottawa File 11-12 Apr 2005
B2014-0005/042(10) ILGWU: Industrial strategies File 1992
B2014-0005/042(13) ILGWU: GSE project: interviews File 1993-1994
B2014-0005/042(14) ILGWU: TARP project File 1993
B2014-0005/043(04) INTERCEDE: Domestics’ cross-cultural news and Intercede release File 1980
B2014-0005/043(11) INTERCEDE: Statement of goals and objectives, annual reports, grant proposals File 1981-1991
B2014-0005/044(01) Jade Garden Adjustment Committee File 1994
B2014-0005/044(04) Jade Garden Adjustment Committee: The employment situation and social participation of Chinese immigrants in Metropolitan Toronto File Sept 1992
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