Hershell Ezrin fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2022-0003/001.01 Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles [oversized] File 14 Aug. 1978
B2017-0021/010 Certificate of appointment, Principal Secretary to the Premier with the rank and status of a Deputy Minister, Minister of Government Services, Province of Ontario [oversized] File 3 Jul. 1985
B2022-0003/001.04 Parody Ontario Cabinet Office meeting minutes [oversized] File 29 Apr. 1998
B2017-0021/001(09) HIPPY Canada Prize File 2011
B2017-0021/001(13) University College Alumni of Influence Award File 15 Nov. 2012
B2017-0021/002(02) Press clippings File 1985-1988
2 Correspondence Series 1969-2017
B2017-0021/002(06) Invitation and letters of congratulations re: appointment with the Department of External Affairs File 1969
B2017-0021/002(09) Correspondence File 1981-1982
B2017-0021/002(10) Correspondence File 1982-1984
B2017-0021/002(13) Correspondence File 1985-1988 [predominantly 1986]
B2017-0021/003(02)- (03) Correspondence File 1988
B2017-0021/003(06) Correspondence File 1989-2017
B2017-0021/003(08) Correspondence and contract documentation, Chairman of GPC Canada File 1997-1998
B2017-0021/003(11) Correspondence, Geoffrey and Landon Pearson File 2006, 2013
B2017-0021/004(05) Presentations File 1991
B2022-0003/005(05) The Tipping Point Solution, presentation to the Ontario Advertising Review Board File Jul. 2011
4 Professional activity Series 1973- 2014
B2017-0021/005(03) Media kit, The Canadian Constitution File 1981
B2022-0003/005(06) Signed federal proposal for the First Ministers' Conference on the Constitution File [Nov. 1981?]
B2017-0021/006(07) "Patriation of the Constitution of Canada: A pictorial record" / Department of the Secretary of State File 1982
B2017-0021/005(08) 1983 Heritage Dinner File 1983
B2017-0021/005(10) Briefing notes and drafts for "Encounter '88" Mulroney, Turner, Broadbent federal debate File 1988
B2022-0003/005(07) Torstar Board correspondence, Directors' remunerations, and meeting minutes File 1997-1998
B2017-0021/001P(06) Snapshot, Hershell Ezrin and Myron Belkind [Bureau Chief for the Associated Press] File 1973
B2017-0021/001P(08) Group snapshots in theatre including former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Michael Levine and others File [198-?]
B2017-0021/001P(12) Heritage Dinner File 1983
B2017-0021/001P(18) Signed campaign photograph, Dalton McGuinty File 1999
B2017-0021/001P(19) Signed portrait, Hershell Ezrin and Brian Tobin, former Newfoundland Premier and Federal Cabinet Minister File [200-?]
B2017-0021/005P "Election day worker with far too little experience..." Unsigned Item [1990-?]
B2017-0021/013P "Shed that industrial flab. Restructuring Canadian Industry". Trawin. Inscription by Marta Dorion, Fortune Magazine Item [2014?]
B2017-0021/007(02) Marching to a Different Drummer. An essay on the Liberals and Conservatives in Convention / Martin Goldfarb and Thomas Axworthy File 1988
1 Personal and biographical Series [ca. 1960] - 2014
B2017-0021/006(01) Graduation certificate, Toronto Hebrew Day School (oversized) File [ca. 1960]
B2017-0021/001(02) Course work File 1964-[1968?]
B2017-0021/001(06) Honour Award, The Students' Administrative Council of the University of Toronto File 30 May. 1968
B2017-0021/001(07) Convocation programme, Carleton University File 1968, 1969
B2017-0021/001(08) Business cards and passport File 1986-2014
B2017-0021/008 Certificate of appointment, Consul of Canada at Los Angeles, Registrar General of Canada [oversized] File 7 Dec. 1977
B2017-0021/011 Certificate of appointment, Principal Secretary to the Premier with the rank and status of a Deputy Minister, Minister of Government Services, Province of Ontario [oversized] File 15 Sept. 1987
B2022-0003/001.03 "2,326 Days of Greatness: The Ezrin Era in Ontario" illustrated graph [oversized] File 1988
B2022-0003/003(02) Jewish community conference materials, Ottawa File 2010, 2013
B2017-0021/001(11) Notebook File 2011
B2017-0021/001(12) Blog posts File 2011
B2017-0021/001(14)-(16) Scrapbook File 1980-1993
B2017-0021/002(05) Press clippings File 1989-2006
B2017-0021/002(07) Correspondence File 1978-1991 [predominantly 1980s]
B2017-0021/002(08) Correspondence re: appointment to Canadian Unity Office File 1981
B2017-0021/002(14) Correspondence File 1986-1988
B2017-0021/003(01) Personal correspondence File 1986-1995
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