James D. Prentice fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1996-0008/001(02) Institute of Particle Physics (IPP): 1971-1977 File 1971-1977
B1996-0008/001(06) Institute of Particle Physics (IPP): Annual General Meeting File 1978-1985
B1996-0008/001(11) Institute of Particle Physics (IPP): Major project, 1 day meeting File 1979
B1996-0008/002(03) Institute of Particle Physics (IPP): Council notes from meetings incl. some agenda & minutes File 1976-1980
B1996-0008/003(02) Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP): 1973-1974 File 1973-1974
B1996-0008/003(04) Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP): Reports File 1981
B1996-0008/003(08) Committee File 1982-1989
B1996-0008/003(11) Committee File 1990-1993
B1996-0008/003(12) National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC): Meeting File 1989-1992
B1996-0008/003(13) National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC): HEP GSC File 1982-1983
B1996-0008/003(15) National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC): Grant Selection Committee (HEP) File 1984
B1996-0008/004(04) Universities Research Association (URA): 1979-1980 File 1979-1980
B1996-0008/004(05) Universities Research Association (URA): Board of Trustees File 1979-1980
B1996-0008/004(07) Universities Research Association (URA): Trustees File 1980
B1996-0008/004(08)-(09) Universities Research Association (URA): Trustees File 1981
B1996-0008/005(03) 200 GeV Study Group File ca. 1979-1980
B1996-0008/005(05) 200 GeV Study Group File 1980
B1996-0008/006(01) National Accelerator Laboratory: users File 1971-1973
B1996-0008/006(04) Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL): Users Executive Committee, Notes & Minutes File 1977-1991
B1996-0008/006(06) Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL): Users File 1980-1995
B1996-0008/007(01) Institute of Particle Physics for Canada (IPPC): Steering Committee File 1983-1985
B1996-0008/007(07) - Physics Research Committee: Meeting 6-7 Feb File 1986
B1996-0008/007(15) TRIUMPH File 1969
B1996-0008/007(16) TRIUMPH File 1973
B2005-0023/001(03) HEP (High Energy Physics): publicity and press clippings File 1959-1974
B2005-0023/001(06a) HEP (High Energy Physics): five year forecasts & computer funding File 1967-1969
B2005-0023/001(07) HEP (High Energy Physics): Space File 1981-1991
B2005-0023/001(08) HEP (High Energy Physics): Grant Selection Cmt. File 1984
B2005-0023/001(10) IPP (Institute of Partial Physics): Grant Applications File 1979-1980
B2005-0023/001(15) IPP (Institute of Partial Physics): Review Committee for Malcolm Goddard File 1982-1986
B2005-0023/002(02) Bubble Chamber Group: Grant Application Defense Research Board File 1963-1969
B2005-0023/002(05) Senate Committee on Science Policy File 1972-1977
B2005-0023/002(05a) Natural Philosophers: Founded April 1977 by Dr. Harrison & Dr. Prentice; still meeting in 2004 File 1980-1989
B2005-0023/003(02) ZEUS experiments at DESY: III May File 1986-1990
B2005-0023/003(03) ZEUS experiments at DESY: correspondence File 1991
2 University of Toronto Series 1958-1993
B1996-0008/011(06) Cl35: notes & manuscript File 1962-1966
B1996-0008/011(08) F19 (including Chalk River) File 1961-1962
B1996-0008/011(11) F19 (including Chalk River) File 1962-1964
B1996-0008/011(15) Rutherford Lab, sabbatical File 1963-1964
B1996-0008/011(16) 7Bev/c and PPA proposals: Grant Proposal for HEP Program at UofT File 1966
B1996-0008/013(01) Bubble Chamber Experiments: Experiment 2B File 1971-1972
B1996-0008/013(05) Polarized Helium-3 Target (2); 1963, 1967-70 File 1963-1970
B1996-0008/013(07) Polarized Helium-3 Target: Progress & Status Report File 1971-1972
B1996-0008/014(06) Experiment 531: Conference Papers and Analysis File 1978-1982
B1996-0008/014(09) Experiment 531: 2nd run group meeting (II) File 1981
B1996-0008/015(01) Experiment 531: Lead Glass File 1978
B1996-0008/015(06) Muon Polarimeter, Research Project: Polarimeter; Connaught Grant File 1980-1981
B1996-0008/015(08) Papers File 1983-1984
B1996-0008/015(09) Old Proposals: Toronto & related File 1963-1964
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