Joan Winearls fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2007-0015/001(02)-(04) Professional correspondence and commentary on papers by Brian Harley and Robert M. MacKintosh File 1975-2002
B1998-0013/001P(01) A photograph of Anne Schabas, Dean of the Faculty of Library and Information Science, presenting a Distinguished Graduate Award to Joan Winearls in May, 1989 as a part of the sixtieth anniversary celebrations of the Faculty [removed to 001P(01)] File 1988
B1998-0013/012(01)-(02) Correspondence and research notes on cartography File 1976-1998
B1998-0013/011(09) Maps removed from B1998-0013/012(10) File 1993
B1998-0013/012(11) Canadian Cartographic Association. History of Cartography Interest Group File 1975-1978
B1996-0021/003(05)-(13) “Mapping Toronto’s first century, 1787-1884” (exhibition) File 1982-1984
B2016-0009/001 (07)-(21) “Art on the Wing” exhibition material File 1998-2003
6 Research files – Other projects Series 1991-2020
B2007-0015/004(01)-(03) ‘Carto-bibliograhical analysis and methodology…’ File [199-]
B2016-0009_df002 J. Fenwick Lansdowne [digital images] File 2004-2016
B2022-0005/001(09) Research notes re Brooks chronology and Brooks paintings in The Condor File 2002 – 2013
B2022-0005/001(10) Research notes re Allan Brooks exhibitions File 2001 – 2008
B2022-0005/001(16) Source material and correspondence re George Lodge and techniques in relation to Brooks File 2002
B2022-0005/001P(03) Undated Brooks sketches and paintings – JFL and MLZ File [2000s]
B2022-0005/001P(05) Brooks sketches – GVAMA File [2000s]
B2022-0005/001(20) Problems – Allan Brooks sketches owned by J. Fenwick Landsdowne File 2020
B2022-0005/002(04) Research notes re Canadian archival sources for Brooks Catalogue File 2000 – 2001
B2022-0005/002(06) Research notes and correspondence re institutional collections of Brooks art File 2002 – 2006
B2022-0005/002(08) Research notes and correspondence re institutional collections of Brooks art – Blacker-Wood Library and the Canadian Museum of Nature File 1997 – 2002
B2022-0005/001P(10) ‘1934’ paintings – CMN (in order as in book) [removed from /002(08)] File [ca. 2000s]
7 Manuscripts and publications Series 1966-2013
B1998-0013/002(15) ‘Map libraries in Canada’, Cartographica, 3, 2 (December 1966) 163, 165 File 1966
B2007-0015/004(04) With Yves Tessier. Directory of Canadian map collections/Répertoire des collections de cartes Canadiennes.[Toronto] Association of Canadian Map Libraries, 1969 File 1969
B2007-0015/004(05) ‘Recent literature of map librarianship,’ Bulletin, Geography and Map Division, Special Libraries Association, No. 101 (September 1975) 32-37, 48 File 1975
B1998-0013/002(19) ‘Map collections and map librarianship in Canada: review and prospects,’ in H. Wallis and L. Zogner, ed., The map librarian in the modern world: essays in honour of Walter W. Ristow. Munich: K.G. Saur, 1979, 161-184 File 1977-1979
B2022-0005/001(02) “For the Birds: How an Extraordinary Partnership between a Painter and a Poet Led to a Singular Group of Bird Paintings” / Joan Winearls; Rotunda 34(3): 12 – 17 File 2002
B2022-0005/001(06) “Allan Brooks, Naturalist and Artist (1869 – 1946): The Travails of an Early Twentieth Century Wildlife Illustrator in North America” / Joan Winearls; Scientia Canadensis 31(1-2): 131 – 154 File 2008
B2022-0005/001(21) Early draft of Allan Brooks catalogue Raisonné File [2002]
B2022-0005/001(22) Allan Cyril Brooks (1869 – 1946) – Naturalist & Artist: Catalogue of Original Art and Illustrations (draft) / Joan Winearls File ca. 2001 – 2013
B1996-0021/016 ‘General’: 4th draft (1989) – Part III: Towns, Harwicke – O File 1987-1989
B1998-0013/011(07)-(08) ? File 1989? - 1991
10 Graphic Series 1977
1 Biographical and personal Series 1966-2002
B2007-0015/001(01) Curriculum vitae File 1975-1997
B2007-0015/002(01) Honours and awards (oversized) File
2 Education: Course notes Series 1963-1985
3 Lecture notes Series 1964-2010
B1996-0021/001(11)-(19) Lecture notes for courses on map librarianship File 1964-1978
B1996-0021/003(01) Proposed carto-bibliographic course by Coolie Verner File 1977-1984
B1998-0013/002(01)-(02) Proposed course on carto-bibliography by Coolie Verner File 1977-1979
B2016-0009_df001 Lectures and Course Materials for INF 2162 – Rare Book Manuscripts, Maps and Cartobibliography [digital files] File 2010
4 Conferences and exhibitions Series 1972-2003
B2007-0015/001(08) Applications to attend conferences File 1982-1997
B1998-0013/013(01)-(03) International Conference on the History of Cartography (12th – 14th : 1987-1991) File 1987-1991
B1998-0013/013(04) Report on the cataloguing of early Canadian maps File 1992
B1998-0013/014(01)-(02) “Mapping Toronto’s first century, 1787-1884” (exhibition) File 1983-1996
B1998-0013/001P(06) Photographs removed from /014(02) File
B1998-0013/001P(07)-(11), (14) Conference on Editorial Problems… Photos removed from /014(05) File
B1998-0013/014(11) "The atlas as a book” (exhibition, 1993) File 1993-1996
B1998-0013/015(01)-(17) “The atlas as a book” (exhibition, 1993) File 1993-1995
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