John Beatty fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1989.116V-1-2B Deed for David Beatty (original) File 1832
1989.116V-1-4 English Grammar Book (New York: Collins, Keese, & Co., 1836) owned by John Beatty (1837) File 1836
1989.116V-1-8 Subscription list for erecting gallery in W.M. Church File 1849
1989.116V-1-9 Notebook of expenses File [before 1864]
1989.116V-1-11 Appointment for Census Commissioner for County of Northumberland File December 18, 1860
1989.116V-1-12 Correspondence File July 29, 1844
1989.116V-1-1 Certificate of Oath of Allegiance by John Beatty, Province of Upper Canada File April 21, 1819
1989.116V-1-7 License to perform marriage File April 1, 1846
1989.116V-1-2 Deeds File 1820-1849
1989.116V-1-3 Letter of introduction for Joseph [Biggs] from [?] Biggs to John Beatty File May 14, 1833
1989.116V-1-5 Notebook File 1840-1859
1989.116V-1-2A Receipts for payments File 1826-1837
1989.116V-1-6 Solicitation of a grant from Legislature for Victoria College File October 4, 1842
1989.116V-1-10 List of stockholders File [before 1864]