John Galbraith fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1978-0018/002(05) Notebook containing Chippewa vocabulary and diary with entries from June 11 to August 2, 1866 File 1866
B1978-0018/002(08) Notebook: "Exercises in Ojibwa", 26.2.1878 File 1878
B1978-0018/002(11) Notebook of trip to Hudson Bay, containing sketches of First Nations guides, drawings of the route taken, and various scientific observations File 1881
6 Photographs Series [ca. 1870]
B1970-0001/001(07) Quebec Bridge Investigation. Hearings File 1907
B1970-0001/002(02) Lecture notes. Session 1903-1904. Dynamics, 2nd year File 1901-1902
B1970-0001/002(05) [Notes on] "Elastic Arch: Without hinges - ends fixed in position and direction"; Theory of the graphical method" File 1909
B1970-0001/002(08) Lecture notes. Session 1905-1906. IV Year - Iron and steel File 1905-1906
B1970-0001/003(03) Lecture notes. Session 1905-1906. IV Year - Theory of construction File 1905-1906
B1970-0001/003(05) Lecture notes. Compound stress File n.d.
B1970-0001/003(08) Lecture notes. "Repeated", pp. 3-7 File n.d.
B1970-0001/007(02) Grand Trunk Railway of Canada. Letter from Mr. [C. J.] Brydges in regard to trade between Canada and the Lower Provinces, 23 June 1866. Montreal: 1866, with insert, "The Canada Company: This monopoly has now nearly 12,000 acres of land under its baneful control in the WEST RIDING of MIDDLESEX alone". File 1866
B1970-0001/007(05) Robert Aberdim. "Notes on Chemistry, vol. II: lectures 36-58, [delivered by] Professor [Henry Holmes] Croft", Toronto School of Medicine, Nov. 27/[18]62 File 1862
B1978-0018/001(09) Tribute: T. Kennard Thomson, "An Appreciation of the late Dean John Galbraith, M.A., L.L.D.", typescript, 9.12.1914 File 1914
B1978-0018/001(12) Tribute: In Official Proceedings of the New York Railroad Club, 43, 3 [January 1933], p. 10, 203, with covering letter to Mrs. Jamieson from T. Kennard Thomson, 5.1.1934 File 1934
3 Correspondence Series 1893-1914, 1952
B1970-0001/001(01) Class lists, with covering letter and J. S. Galbraith's letter on his father's career File
B1970-0001/001(04) Letterbook File 1906-1907
B1970-0001/003(01) Lecture notes. Session 1902-1903. II Year - Strength of materials File 1902-1903
B1970-0001/003(04) Lecture notes. Arch with fixed ends File n.d.
B1970-0001/003(06) Lecture notes. No. 12-15, pp. 57-77 File n.d.
B1970-0001/003(09) Lecture notes. On stress, beginning with "pure strain parallel to one plane" File n.d.
B1970-0001/004(01) Lecture notes. Session 1900-1901. IV Year - Thermodynamics File 1900-1901
B1970-0001/004(04) Lecture notes. Session 1901-1902. III Year - Thermodynamics File 1902-1903
B1970-0001/004(07) Lecture notes. The elastic arch File n.d.
B1978-0018 Galbraith 1978 accession Accession 1866-1961
1 Biographical Series 1909-1934
B1978-0018/001(03) Honours: "Applied Science Dinner", Applied Science, New Series, II, 4 [February 1909], 139-147 File 1909
B1978-0018/001(06) Obituary: "Our Beloved Dean Galbraith", Applied Science, New Series, IX, 3 [July 1914], 53-60. File 1914
4 Diaries and Notebooks Series 1866-1912
B1978-0018/002(06) Notebook containing accounts for 1871 and record of receipts for 1873 File 1871-1873
B1978-0018/002(09) Notebook containing description of lots in Port Hope and mathematical calculations for engineering work File 1877-1878
B1978-0018/002(12) Notebook containing notes on structural steel, 1906 and on the Southampton Bridge, 1912. File 1906, 1912
B1987-0079 Galbraith 2nd 1987 accession Accession 1906-1907
B1970-0001/001(02) Certificates File
B1970-0001/001(05) Application of John Galbraith for the Chair of Civil Engineering File 1878
B1970-0001/001(08) Lecture notes File 1894, 1896
B1970-0001/002(03) Lecture notes. Session [?]. Lectures in hydraulics [Notes on turbines] File
B1970-0001/002(06) [Notes on] "Optics, 1912, 1911"; "Laws of reflection" File 1911-1912
B1970-0001/003(07) Lecture notes. No. 26, 31, 34, 36, pp. 102- File n.d.
B1970-0001/003(10) Lecture notes. Session 1903-1904. III year: Compound stress File 1903
B1970-0001/004(02) Lecture notes. Session 1905-1906. IV Year - Stresses and strains in materials and structures File 1905-1906
B1970-0001/004(05) Lecture notes. Session 1902-1903. II Year - Rigid dynamics File 1902-1903
B1970-0001/006 Prize book. William Whezall. History of the inductive sciences, from the earliest to the present time, vol. I. New York: D. Appleton & Company, 1865. Awarded to John Galbraith for 3rd year mathematics, 1867. File 1865
B1970-0001/007(03) Letter to John Galbraith from George Templeton Kingston, Director of the Toronto Magnetic and Meteorological Observatory, 21 June 1872 File 1872
B1978-0018/001(01) Family tree and family history File
B1978-0018/001(04) Honours: 25th Annual Dinner of the Engineering Society, in honour of Dean Galbrairth, 5.12.1913. Menu, Songs, Press coverage. File 1913
B1978-0018/001(07) Obituary: "John Galbraith", University Monthly, XVI, 1 [November 1914], 6-13 File 1914
B1978-0018/001(10) Tribute: "The Work of Our Late Dean Galbraith", Applied Science, New Series, X, 9 [January 1915], 219-221. File 1915
B1978-0018/002(07) Notebook: "Ojibwa Phrases" File June 1877
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