Juanita Boozer Bay sous-fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2014-0010/057(09) Personal: ID card and certificate File 1969
B2014-0010/057(12) International certificate of vaccination File 1984
2 Education Series 1968-1972
B2014-0010/057(15) Coursework File 1968
B2014-0010/058(03) Research material/notes: employment discrimination File [198-]
B2014-0010/058(10) A critique of ideas and insights from one black locating in the diaspora File
B2014-0010/058(12) Scientists in the industry review File 1971
B2014-0010/058(15) Health and social services for ethnic communities with special reference to the elderly File 1985
B2014-0010/057(08) Boozer/Bay biographical update File 1969
B2014-0010/057(11) American passport File 1966
3 Professional Series 1973-1997, n.d.
B2014-0010/058(09) Women seminar series File [n.d.]
4 Publications Series 1971-1985, n.d.
B2014-0010/058(11) An evaluation of community care services File [n.d.]
B2014-0010/058(14) A training manual for the review of fair employment practices File [1982?]
B2014-0010/057(14) Coursework: Work setting preferences among social workers File 1972
B2014-0010/058(02) Correspondence File 1994-1997
B2014-0010/058(06) Report: A proposed community clinic for the annex area File 1973
B2014-0010/058(08) Urban alliance on race relations File [n.d.]
1 Personal Series 1966-1994
B2014-0010/057(10) Financial records File 1993-1994
B2014-0010/057(13) Coursework File 1969-1971
B2014-0010/058(01) Correspondence File 1973-1994
B2014-0010/058(04) Teaching material: a brief course for nurses on health care planning File 1981
B2014-0010/058(07) A management issues in the 1980s: the multi-ethnic, multi-racial workplace File [n.d.]
B2014-0010/058(13) Thesis [Untitled] File [1973?]