Malcolm William Wallace fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1 Personal and biographical Series 1913-1953
B2018-0011/003 Honorary degree, McMaster University, 24 November, 1930. Certificate File 1930
B2018-0011/001(03) University College Bulletin, 1944 File 1944
B2018-0011/005 Ontario. Department of Mines. Map of Toronto and vicinity File 1913
B2018-0011/001(10) "Education for the professions," School and society, 34, No. 869 (1931-08-22), 239-249 File 1931
B2018-0011/001(13) "University College", MSS File [193-?]
B2018-0011/001(15) "Foreward", The Undergraduate, VI, 1 (1936) 9 File 1936
B2018-0011/001(18) "Dr. Herbert George Locke (1870-1937)" File 1937
B2018-0011/001(21) "The human situation today," International Journal, 1, 1 (November 1945) File 1945
B2018-0011/001(24) "The present status of the humanities in Canada: a study submitted to the Royal Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters and Sciences". Handwritten draft, with covering letter File 1950-1951
3 Addresses Series 1936-1954
B2018-0011/001(27) "Christianity and literature," address to C.R.C.T, 1936-02-12, with a note by George Sidney Brett File 1936
B2018-0011/001(30) Graduating address to the student of J. C. Patterson Collegiate, Windsor, Ontario, June 1938 File 1938
B2018-0011/001(33) "The worthies of University College: the first half-century", [University College Public Lecture Series]. TSS File [193-?]
B2018-0011/001(39) "In memorium Edgar Tarr", remarks on the occasion of the opening of the Edgar Tarr Memorial Library, November 27, 1954. Mimeo File 1954
B2018-0011/002(03) Alexander, William John. Dinner, 1928; epilogue, 1940 File 1928, 1940
B2018-0011/002(06) Senate. Committee on Matriculation. Revision of terms of the Prince File 1942
B2018-0011/002(09) [Macara, John]. The origin, history, and management of the University of King File 1845
B2018-0011/002(12) Typescript of an excerpt of an article, "Classical studies in Trinity College, Dublin", initialled by R. J. G. File 1941
B2018-0011/002(15) Overseas Training Company, University of Toronto C.O.T.C. Record of Service. Miscellaneous items File 1910-1918
B2018-0011/001(01) Rasky, Frank. "Wallace: Scholar and teacher," Undegraduate, Winter issue 1943-1944, 4-8 File 1944
B2018-0011/001(04) "Two valued members of the University staff to retire," University of Toronto Monthly, XLIV, 7 (April 1944) 195 File 1944
B2018-0011/001(05) "To the Principal," poem recited at the farewell dinner for Principal Wallace, 25 May 1944. Mimeo File 1944
B2018-0011/001(16) "To the graduating class of University College," Torontonensis, XXXVIII (1936) 20. Typescript File 1936
B2018-0011/001(19) "Foreward", The Undergraduate, IX, 1 (1938) 4 File 1936
B2018-0011/001(22) "Report of the Committee on Farm Radio Broadcasts" File [194-?]
B2018-0011/001(25) "Pessimism about world affairs," TSS, May, 1951 File 1951
B2018-0011/001(28) Address on the occasion of the death of Herbert George Locke [February 1937]. TSS File 1937
B2018-0011/001(31) "Aldous Huxley", University College Public Lecture Series, 1938-10-13; Alumnae Association, Whitney Hall, 1939-03-31. Also delivered to the Upper Canada Tract Society, n.d. Typescript copies File 1938-1939
B2018-0011/001(34) "Forum on V.D. control", CBC Trans-Canada Network, 1944-05-17. TSS File 1944
B2018-0011/002(07) Fragment of memo on University College fees. Carbon File [193-?]
B2018-0011/002(10) The University Act...1927. Annotated File 1928
B2018-0011/002(13) Overseas Training Company, University of Toronto C.O.T.C. Record of Service File [ca. 1916]
B2018-0011/002(16) Victoria Club, Toronto. The Canadian curler’s club manual by James Bicket. 1900 reprint of 1840 manual File 1900
B2018-0011/001(02) University College Bulletin, 1943 File 1943
B2018-0011/001(04) "Principal Wallace honoured at U.C. dinner," University of Toronto Monthly, XLIV, 8 (May 1944) 231-232 File 1944
B2018-0011/001(06) "Concilium professorum", poem for Principal Wallace File [ca. 1944]
2 Manuscripts and publications Series 1928-1955
B2018-0011/001(08) Book reviews File 1937-1946
B2018-0011/001(11) "The centenary of Sir Walter Scott," University of Toronto Quarterly, II, 1 (October 1932) 111-132 File 1932
B2018-0011/004 “University College”. Printer’s proofs File [193-?]
B2018-0011/001(26) "B. K. Sandwell," Canadian Forum, January 1955, 219 File 1955
B2018-0011/001(29) Address to the undergraduates of University College at the opening of the fall term, 1937. TSS File 1937
B2018-0011/001(32) "The first fifty years of University College", University College Public Lecture Series. TSS File [193-?]
B2018-0011/001(35) "Education and the good life," address given in "Religious Period", CBC Trans-Canada Network, 1945, 1951, or 1958. Mimeo, 2 copies File 1945
B2018-0011/001(37) "The Alexander Lectures [1950-1951]: English character and the English literary tradition," lectures 1-3. Handwritten drafts File 1950-1951
B2018-0011/002(01) University College, Class of 1883. 50th anniversary memento, 1933-06-08 File 1933
B2018-0011/002(04) Alexander Lectureship Fund. Correspondence File 1928
B2018-0011/001(07) Two letters: to Principal Wallace from William Mulock, 1943-01-23; to Mrs. Wallace from Mary Joyce (Joy) Hutton Wrong re John McCaul, 1953-04-26 File 1943, 1953
B2018-0011/001(09) "The reputation of Sir Philip Sidney," Johns Hopkins Alumni Magazine, XVII, 1 (November 1928), 21 p. File 1928
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