Manuscript drafts for Beyond Education and other publications Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2012-0007/017(03):0002 Position Paper - Information Services, Guidance, and Counseling in Continuing Education, O.E.C.D. by Alan M. Thomas Item May 1974
B2012-0007/017(03):0005 Computers and Human Relationships by Alan Thomas Item N.D.
B2012-0007/017(03):0008 Education: Reformation and Renewal in the "80s"? by Alan Thomas Item March 1981
B2012-0007/017(03):0016 An Aide-Memoire for Marshall McLuhan by Alan M. Thomas Item 2 Dec. 1986
B2012-0007/017(03):0026 Wrestling With The Iceberg: Plenary Address to "Wrestling with the iceberg in Informal Learning" NALL's Third Annual Conference, Toronto, February 19, 1999 by Alan M. Thomas Item 19 Feb. 1999
B2012-0007/017(03):0027 Dimensions of the Experience of Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (draft) by Alan Thomas, Monica Collins, and Lynette Plett, New Approaches to Lifelong Learning, 2001 Item 2001
B2012-0007/016(06) Beyond Education: intermediate version, p. 1-214 [annotated with post-it notes] File N.D.
B2012-0007/016(07) Beyond Education: intermediate version, p. 215-304 [ annotated with post-it notes] File N.D.
B2012-0007/017(02) Beyond Education, 216 p. manuscript with copy of article "Legislation and Adult Education in Canada: A Comparative Study," International Journal of Lifelong Education 8:2 [April - June 1989]: 103 - 125 File After 1990[?]
B2012-0007/017(03) File of publications File
B2012-0007/017(03):0004 Transcript of Interview with Thomas, publication and interviewer unknown Item N.D.
B2012-0007/017(03):0009 Bridging the Gap in Both Directions by Alan Thomas Item 1989
B2012-0007/017(03):0010 About Learning About Canada by Alan M. Thomas, Gordon R. Selman, Teresa MacNeil, and Dorothy MacKeracher Item 31 Aug. 1982
B2012-0007/017(03):0015 From Patient To Client Lecture to The Canadian Diabetes Association (Vancouver, BC) by Alan M. Thomas Item N.D.
B2012-0007/017(03):0024 The Challenge of Prior Learning Assessment to Universities in Ontario: an aide memoire from the Council of Ontario Universities, Toronto, April 1998 by Alan M. Thomas Item April 1998
B2012-0007/017(03):0025 It Takes Two To Tango: Defining the century as a discourse between learning and education Presentation at CASAE/ACEEA, Sherbrooke 1999 by Alan M. Thomas Item 1999
B2012-0007/017(03):0028 "Canada" (article for Encyclopedia of Adult Education) by Alan M. Thomas Item Feb. 2004
B2012-0007/017(03):0001 National Training - New Style by Alan M. Thomas Item N.D.
B2012-0007/017(03):0003 A Summary and Critique of Various Reports on Post-Secondary Education in Canada, 1969 - 1973 by Alan Thomas Item After 1973[?]
B2012-0007/017(03):0006 Cat let out of the bag by Alan Thomas Item 1981
B2012-0007/017(03):0007 Adult Education for Participation by Alan Thomas Item N.D.
B2012-0007/017(03):0011 Education and Working Canadians - Revised: A paper to the Orientatio Conference for the National Educational Leave Study, 14-15 October 1982 (Ottawa, Ontario ), Alan M. Thomas Item 14-15 Oct. 1982
B2012-0007/017(03):0017 Lifelong Learning: An Appreciation by Alan M. Thomas Item 1987
B2012-0007/017(03):0020 Lifelong Education for Adults: an international handbook, C.J. Titmus, ed. [book review by Alan Thomas] Item 1989
B2012-0007/017(03):0022 The Education of Adults and The Future by Alan M. Thomas Item 1995[?]
B2012-0007/017(03):0023 The Future of Adult Education: a presentation on the occasion of the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the program in adult education the University of New England (Armidale, NSW, AUZ) by Alan M. Thomas Item N.D.
B2012-0007/017(03):0029 Adult Education and the Law: A Collection and Examination of Legislation as it bears on the practice of Adult Education in Canada, International Journal of University Adult Education, vol. 23, no. 1-3 / Alan M. Thomas and Maurice C. Taylor [retrieved 3 July 2006]. Item 3 July 2006
B2012-0007/018(01) Beyond Education, related correspondence, manuscript drafts and reviews File 1989-1992
B2012-0007/017(01) Beyond Education, 245 p. manuscript File After 1990[?]
B2012-0007/017(03):0012 Learning and Time by Alan M. Thomas Item 1982[?]
B2012-0007/017(03):0013 Adult Learning: Research and Practice by Huey E. Long. [book review by Alan M. Thomas] Item 1983[?]
B2012-0007/017(03):0014 I Learn, Therefore I Am : Notes for a Presentation to NEWTHINK '84: A Mega Conference On the Education of Adults, Vancouver, B.C., May 24, 1984, Alan M. Thomas. Item 24 May 1984
B2012-0007/017(03):0018 Power, Politics and Policy Analysis by Alan M. Thomas Item 1989[?]
B2012-0007/017(03):0019 Adult Education As Vocation: Michael Collins 1991 [book review by Alan Thomas] Item 1991
B2012-0007/017(03):0021 Adult Education Research in Canada: A Personal Perspective by Alan M. Thomas Item 1995