Miscellaneous Canada Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2014-0037/002(84) Unidentified island. Reverse: "43" [handwritten] ; "Sir DW’s handwriting? Visited in ’70. Photog. Anderson Toronto. ’62-’86." [donor’s note] Item [1862-1886]
B2014-0037/002(91) Reverse: Original printed label : "Lake Superior. No. 40. Pekoswa River. Item [1855?]
B2014-0037/002(92) Reverse: "No. 468. Hamilton’s Saw Mills, Hawkesbury. From the Rear." [printed] ; "Hawkesbury Mill Early Notman" [donor’s label] Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(95) Reverse: "High Falls. Muscoka." [appears to be Wilson’s handwriting; he visited there in 1870] Item [1870?]
B2014-0037/002(86) Reverse: "The Fleet at Halifax at the time of "the Trent" affair. W.L." [handwritten; "Nov 1861? British inspected US ships" [donor’s note] Item [1861?]
B2014-0037/002(87) Reverse: "76" [handwritten]; "Sturgeon Lake? Visited in ’76" [donor’s note] Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(89) Obverse:; "North Shore, Lake Superior", "Welcome Island, Thunder Bay"; Reverse: [handwritten] "Mrs. Adam. Fisher. No 34. Dec. 25, 1875" Item [1875?]
B2014-0037/002(90) Reverse: Original printed label: "Lake Superior. No. 30. View on the Puc-i-tah Zebe, (Black River)" Item [1855?]
B2014-0037/002(93) Reverse: "Entrance to Fenelon Falls Dock, Ont." [original] ; [donor’s note] "Belonged to "H. Langton, geographer" Note: Hugh Hornby Langton was U of T Librarian from 1891 to 1924. Item [1875-188-?]
B2014-0037/002(98) Man sitting on rocks. Reverse: "85" [handwritten]; [donor’s note: "Man with beard + hat same as in Toronto Island shot?" [/002(75)] Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(85) Reverse: "Where gold was first discovered at Lawrence Town [?] Nova Scotia. W.L." [handwritten] ; donor label: "W.L. (Westcott Lyttleton)" Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(88) Reverse: [handwritten] "Pic Nic Point near Sand Banks Ontario. Dingman Bros Photos" Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(94) Reverse: "Queen’s University, Kingston, Ont." [original] Belonged to "H. Langton, geographer." [donor’s note] Item [1875-188-?]
B2014-0037/002(96) Reverse: "Moose Head - W.L." [handwritten] ; W.L. perhaps for Westcott Lyttleton Item [188-?]
B2014-0037/002(97) Snowy slope, possibly the Picton cemetery. Reverse: [original printed label] "Stereoscopic Gems. Published by Dingman Bros., Photographers, Picton, Ont. A Choice Selection of Local and Foreign VIEWS always on hand." Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(99) COPY; Obverse: "Views of Hamilton and Vicinity" ; Reverse: "No. 16. Queen’s Quarry on Mountain. Photographed by J. Esson " Item n.d.