Orval Douglas Vaughan fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1977-0001/001(03) General, 1967 File 1967
B1977-0001/001(04) General, 1968 File 1968
B1977-0001/003(03) Committees (Terms of reference) File 1969
B1977-0001/003(06)-(07) Discipline File 1968-1971
B1977-0001/004(01) Health Sciences File 1969-1971
B1977-0001/005(04) Governing Structure: large brown envelope re events leading up to change of University File
B1977-0001/006(05)-(06) Governing Structure: Conservatory Committee File
B1977-0001/007(05) Finance: Government grants File
B1977-0001/013(05) Chemistry Building File
B1977-0001/013(06)-(07) Connaught Building File
B1977-0001/013(09) Engineering Building File
B1977-0001/013(11) Hygiene Building File
B1977-0001/014(04) School of Business File
B1977-0001/014(07) McLaughlin Planetarium File
B1977-0001/015(03) Physics Buildings File
B1977-0001/016(06) Sir Edmund Walker Hall File
B1977-0001/018(07)-(08) General Subjects: Metropolitan Toronto (including Taxation) File
B1977-0001/019(01)-(02) General Subjects: Miscellaneous including U of T Act General By-laws of Governors File
B1977-0001/019(03)-(04) General Subjects: Parking and Traffic (including the William R. Allen Expressway: Spadina) File
B1977-0001/022(02)-(03) General subjects: Varsity Fund, Traffic: see “Parking and Traffic” - Botanical Gardens (old file): given to Mr. Claringbold, Secretary of the Board of Governors, to keep in his files: not included File
B1977-0001/022(04) General subjects: St. George Street properties File
B1977-0001/023(05) General subjects: Queen's Park alterations File
B1977-0001/023(06) General subjects: Recreational facilities including Varsity Stadium File
B1977-0001/023(07) General subjects: Residence: Men: West Campus File
B1977-0001/024(05) General subjects: Royal Conservatory of Music No. 1 File
B1977-0001/024(06) General subjects: Royal Conservatory of Music No. 2 File
B1977-0001/025(05) General subjects: Kresge: Woolworths File
B1977-0001/028(02) General subjects: Check list and progress report, Planning Division Activities File 1968
B1977-0001/029(01) General subjects: Report Concerning Health Science Education, Research & Service File 1970-1971
B1977-0001/029(04) General subjects: Centre of Criminology: 5 year report 1963-1968 File 29 Nov. 1968
B1977-0001/029(05) General subjects: (Draft of proposed submission to Committee on University Affairs): Goals of Scarborough & Erindale Colleges File
B1977-0001/030(02) General subjects: Building programme: Sir Edmund Walker Hall File
B1977-0001/030(03) General subjects: Pattern of urban living: Wolfgang Gerson, U of T Press File
B1977-0001/030(05) General subjects: Functional design of precinct streets: U of T (2 vols.) Presentation notes Damas & Smith File
B1977-0001/030(?) General subjects: Toward community in University government: Report of the Commission on the Government of the U of T; - Toronto General Hospital Planning Report Vol. 1 & 2, Woods, Gordon & Company, Planning Consultants; Mathers & Haldenby, Architects File
B1977-0001/003(01) Retirement Dinner: Dr. Bissell File 11 May. 1971
B1977-0001/003(02) Board of Governors: members, appointments, resignations, etc. File 1964-1971
B1977-0001/005(01) Governing Structure: C.U.G. File
B1977-0001/006(03) Governing Structure: Executive committee File
B1977-0001/007(06) Finance: Physical plant building costs File
B1977-0001/009 President's Council File 1966-1970
B1977-0001/010(01) President's Council File 1970-1971
B1977-0001/011(01) Property Committee File 1971
B1977-0001/011(02)-(03) Royal Ontario Museum: Liaison committee (City, Metro, Province and U of T.) File
B1977-0001/013(01) Projects: general File
B1977-0001/013(03) Banting Institute File
B1977-0001/014(06) Mining Building for Geological Sciences File
B1977-0001/015(09) Simcoe Hall File
B1977-0001/016(01) Smith: Sidney Smith Building File
B1977-0001/017(01) Wallberg Building File
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