Photographs Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2-10 [Ground Breaking of the Bladen Library] File 1981
2-14 Official Opening of the V.W. Bladen Library File 1982
3-5 [Science Open House] File 1973
3-7 [John Diefenbaker Lecture] File 1977
3-9 [Convocation] File 1986
3-16 [GRADitude Campaign] File 2002
3-18 [Installment?] File n.d.
4-5 [Joan Foley] File n.d.
4-7 [Students] File 1966, 1972, n.d.
5-1 [Scarborough College Student Union (SCSU) Presidents] [1/2] File 1967-1973
5-2 [Scarborough College Student Union (SCSU) Presidents] [2/2] File 1967-1973
5-4 [Staff and students - various events] File n.d.
5-10 [Scarborough Campus Students' Council (SCSC) 1994-1995] File 1995
MD7-4 [Aerial photo from southeast] File c. 1970
MD7-6 [Aerial photo from east] File c. 1970
MD7-13 [H-Wing patio - red] File c. 1970
MD7-15 [H-Wing smokestacks from southwest] File c. 1970
MD7-17 [H-Wing smokestacks from northwest] File c. 1970
MD7-24 [S-Wing, western exterior, winter] File c. 1970
MD7-26 [R-Wing construction - girders] File c. 1970
MD7-33 [Science lab - desks, front view] File c. 1970
MD7-35 [Campus and valley from west] File c. 1970
MD7-37 [Scarborough College basketball team] [2/3] File c. 1970
MD7-49 [Student orientation - course registration] File c. 1970
MD7-51 [Trombone players] File c. 1970
MD8-5 Graduation Ceremonies 1974 / [D.R. Campbell Making a Speech] File 1974
MD8-7 Principal D.R. Campbell with Mrs. H.D. Anger at the Unveiling of the Lucy Swanton Doyle Memorial. October 1973. File 1973
MD8-9 T.V. Master Control - Terry Clarke, Bent Laale, Carl Ragola, and Tony Adams File circa 1960s
MD8-16 Space to use reference books is limited [1/2] File 1970s
MD8-18 Ad-hoc study space [1/2] File late 1970s
MD8-25 Principal Plumptre Shows Scarborough College to Margaret Birch File circa 1960s
MD8-27 Dean Colman and Janet Scott say "Farewell" to Principal and Mrs. Plumptre File circa 1960s
MD8-29 Martin Myers - Writer-In-Residence 1973 File 1973
MD8-36 Karate Class - 1972 - Jim Hart Instructor File 1972
OS1-2 [The Birdcatcher in Hell] File 1971
OS1-5 [UTSC Formal Event] File c. 1960s
OS1-7 SC Football Team 1969 File 1969
OS1-14 [Campus exterior] File n.d.
1-6 [Scarborough College University of Toronto Architecture] [2/2] File 1966
2-1 [Insurance Photographs - 1/3] File 1971-1975
2-3 [Insurance Photographs - 3/3] File 1971-1978
4-3 [Les Belles Soeurs] File c. 2000
5-6 [Buttons and patch] File n.d.
MD6-2 33 Ways to Make a Dream Come True [plaque] File 1997
MD7-2 [Aerial photo from northeast] [2/2] File c. 1970
MD7-9 [Aerial photo - residences from south] File c. 1970
MD7-11 A Tall Couple by Louis Archambault [green] File c. 1970
MD7-18 [S-Wing, western exterior] File c. 1970
MD7-20 [S-Wing, western exterior, mid-range - silver] File c. 1970
MD7-22 [S-Wing, western exterior, close-up] File c. 1970
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