Publications and writings Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2000-0022/023(06) Review for Canadian Journal of Higher Education File 1978
B2000-0022/024(01) Reviews for Canadian Journal of Social Work Education [textual records] File 1980-1981
B2000-0022/024(03) Reviews for Canadian Social Work Review File 1983-1984
B2000-0022/024(04)-(05) Canadian social welfare: Economic and Income Policies and Issues (Volume I), proceedings of the 3rd National conference on provincial welfare policy (Banff, Alberta : 1987) File 1987-1988
B2000-0022/024(06) "The scientific imperative in Canadian social work: a history of social work and social welfare research in Canada, 1897 to present" (under the direction of James Gripton), study funded by SSHRCC (1988) File 1988
B2000-0022/024(07) "The triple assault on Canada's welfare state" (with Albert Rose) (unpublished) File 1988, [reproduced in 2001]
B2000-0022/024(08)-(09) "Free trade and tax reform: A double assault on Canada's welfare state (with Albert Rose) (unpublished) File 1988-1990
B2000-0022/025(02) "The master principle of administering relief: Jeremy Bentham and Sir Francis Bond Head and the establishment of the principle of less eligibility in Upper Canada" in Canadian Review of Social Policy (1989) File 1989
B2000-0022/025(05)-(08) "The scientific imperative in Canadian Social work and social welfare research, 1897-1945" in Canadian Social Work Review (1992) File 1990-1992
B2000-0022/026(01) "Academic freedom and the possibility of social change" in Planet Social Work (1992) [textual records] File 1992
B2000-0022/026(07) "Social work and social welfare research in Canada in the post-war years" (with James Gripton) in Canadian Social Work Review (1996) File 1996
B2000-0022/026(08) Reading Foucault for Social Science (with Adrienne Chambon and Laura Epstein), published at Columbia University Press (1999) File 1996
B2000-0022/025(03) "The Crisis of the Canadian welfare state, 1973-1984" (unpublished) File [199-]
B2000-0022/026(02) Neighbours: Three Social Settlements in Downtown Toronto (with Harriet Parsons and Donald Bellamy), published by the Canadian Scholars' Press (1995) File 1994-1995
B2000-0022/026(05) "Harry Cassidy (1900-1951)" in Encyclopedia of Social Work, 19th edition (1995) [textual record] File 1994
B2000-0022/023(07) "War and social policy: Britain and Canada, 1939-1951" (unpublished) File 1979-1986
B2000-0022/023(09), /004S "In the shadow of 1834: neo-conservatism and social policy", paper prepared for job interview at University of Toronto File 1984
B2000-0022/024(02) "Canadian Fabians: The work and thought of Harry Cassidy and Leonard Marsh, 1930-1945" in Canadian Journal of Social Work Education (1981) File 1980
B2000-0022/026(03) "Playing with the pieces" in University of Toronto Bulletin (1995) File 1995 [reproduced in 2001]
B2000-0022/026(04) Review for Labour/Le Travail (1995) File 1995
B2000-0022/026(06) "Knowledge most worth having" in University of Toronto Bulletin (1996) [textual records] File 1996, [reproduced in 2001]
B2000-0022/026(09) Brock Chisholm: Doctor to the World, published at Fitzhenry & Whiteside (1998) [textual records] File 1999
B2000-0022/023(08) "Social science research in the University: An examination of the views of Harry Cassidy and Harold Innis" in Canadian Journal of Higher Education (1980) File 1979-1980 [reproduced in 2001]
B2000-0022/023(10) "The development of income security in Canada, Britain and the United States, 1908-1945: A comparative and interpretive account" (unpublished) File 1980
B2000-0022/023(11) "Some pioneers" (with Donald Bellamy) in Canadian Social Welfare (1981) File 1980-1981
B2000-0022/025(01) Book with Allan Moscovitch File 1989-1990, [reproduced in 2001]
B2000-0022/025(04) Social welfare in Toronto: Two historical papers (1991), published by the Faculty of Social Work File 1989-1991
B2000-0022/026(10) Irving cited work and acknowledgement. - [199-] File 1996