Ross Family fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1983-0031/001P(06) Photo found in Eustace Ross' diary of his trip to Cleveland & Boston; scene is a companion to that in file 5 Item Apr 1920
B1983-0031/002P(09) Unidentified students in lab Item [191-]
B1983-0031/003P(03) Executive Class, Victoria College, 1912 Item 1912
B1983-0031/001P(04) Mary Lowrey, left, and friend Item n.d.
B1983-0031/003P(02) Victoria College – Graduating Class in Arts,1912 Item 1912
B1983-0031/003P(08) No. 11 Overseas Signal Draft, Ottawa, March 24 1917 Item 24 Mar 1917
B1983-0031/003P(10) Unidentified – group of women Item
B1983-0031/003P(11) Unidentified – theatre group (2 images) Item
B1983-0031/003P(04) South Residence, Devonshire House, 1912-1913 Item 1912-1913
B1983-0031/003P(12) Certificates and Diplomas (Mrs. Ross?) Item
B1983-0031/001P(02) Mary Lowrey with a dog, photo mounted on a Christmas card Item n.d.
B1983-0031/001P(03) Postcard, with Mary Lowrey as a young woman on front Item n.d.
B1983-0031/001P(05) Photo found in Eustace Ross's diary of his trip to Cleveland & Boston; scene is that of partially deforested rolling landscape Item Apr 1920
B1983-0031/002P(10) Portrait - unidentified [Mary Lowrey?] Item
B1983-0031/003P(01) Fourth Year Executive Class, Fall Term Victoria College, 1911 Item 1911
B1983-0031/003P(05) South Residence, Devonshire House, 1913-14 Item 1913-1914
B1983-0031/003P(06) Executive Class of 1915, University College, 1913-14 Item 1913-1914
B1983-0031/003P(07) University of Toronto, Graduating Class in Arts, 1915 Item 1915
B1983-0031/003P(09) Unidentified – class? Item