Roxana Ng fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2014-0005/001(03) Women’s studies – graduate seminar File 1976-1977
B2014-0005/001(05) PhD oral presentation File 1984
B2014-0005/001(06) New Zealand trip File 1991-1993
B2014-0005/001(13) Cards from desk File 2008-2011
B2014-0005/001(16) Correspondence File 1991
B2014-0005/002(01) Correspondence File 1996
B2014-0005/003(01) AECD/AECP: AECD branding File 2010
B2014-0005/003(12) AECD/AECP: Ed.D. Flexi PhD File 2004
B2014-0005/004(02) AECD/AECP: Faculty meetings File 2008-2010
B2014-0005/004(06) AECD/AECP: Policy on PhD comprehensive requirement File 2009
B2014-0005/005(05) AECD/AECP: Program retreat File 2008-2011
B2014-0005/005(06) AECD/AECP: Program policy File 2001
B2014-0005/005(10) AECD/AECP: Speaker series File 2002-2005
B2014-0005/006(01) CIARS (Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies): Activity report File 2004
B2014-0005/006(02) CIARS: And anti-racism at OISE File 1989-2004
B2014-0005/006(13) CIARS: Events and lectures File 2004
B2014-0005/007(08) CIARS: Staff communications File 2003-2005
B2014-0005/007(10) CIARS: Summer institutes, certificate programs File 2004
B2014-0005/007(12) CIARS: Workplan File 2004
B2014-0005/007(16) CIARS: Notebook File Jan 2003
B2014-0005/014(20) Mueller, Adele File 1989
B2014-0005/015(04) Orr, Bridget File Oct 1992
B2014-0005/015(06) Peterson, Spike File 1996-1999
B2014-0005/016(03) Smith, Dorothy [2 of 2] File 1972-1987
B2014-0005/016(06) Watson, D.R. File 1978-1980
B2014-0005/017(08) Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver File 2000
B2014-0005/017(09) Chinese immigrant women File 1984-1989
B2014-0005/017(10) Chinese immigrant women: a preliminary sketch of Chinese women and work in British Columbia 1860-1950 / Tamara Adilman File Apr 1984
B2014-0005/018(01) Community economic development File 1996
B2014-0005/018(04) Employment legislation File 1998
B2014-0005/018(05) ESL: “All in a day’s work? An ESL kit on the value of housework” Committee to Advance the Status of Housework [tape] File 1981
B2014-0005/018(08) ESL: Rebuilding the bridges; immigrant women and English language training programs / Kerstin Robert File July 1992
B2014-0005/018(09) ESL: Steps to change language training: a lobbying kit for immigrant, refugee and visible minority women’s groups File 1988
B2014-0005/019(01) Feminist theory File 1988-1989
B2014-0005/021(07) Health: flyers, workshops, conferences File 1991-2005
B2014-0005/021(11) Immigrant women: academic papers File 1979-1994
B2014-0005/022(05) Immigrant women, domestic workers, academic papers File 1987-1992
B2014-0005/024(01) Immigrant women: report on the multicultural women’s conference, Vancouver File 23-25 Apr 1976
B2014-0005/024(03) Immigrant women: The experience of immigrant women attending a Canadian Jobs Strategy training program / Immigration Policy Group, Employment and Immigration Canada File Sept 1992
B2014-0005/024(05) Immigrant women: triple oppression, triple jeopardy. Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University File 1990
B2014-0005/025(01) Immigration: statistics File 1992
B2014-0005/025(03) Learning File 1998-2000
B2014-0005/025(06) Oral testimonials File 1978-1979
B2014-0005/026(04) Sexism, racism etc. in the university File 1994
B2014-0005/026(09) Women, ethnicity and class File 1980
8 Papers Series 1978-2000
B2014-0005/027(03) The social relations of citizens participating in the Chinese community, for annual meeting of Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association File 1978
B2014-0005/027(06) Reading through ‘the bias of culture’: some comments on its conceptual and methodological difficulties File Sept 1979
B2014-0005/027(08) Some comments on the changing position of women in china with reference to the marriage law at annual meeting of the Canadian Society for Asian Studies File May 1979
B2014-0005/027(18) Introduction to women, class family and the state File Apr 1985
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