Samuel Delbert Clark fonds Inventory list

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B1990-0029/001(02) Employment in Ottawa (summer jobs) File 1955-1957
B1990-0029/001(04) Press clippings File 1973-1977
B1990-0029/001(07) Dalhousie University File 1972-1974
B1990-0029/001(11) Visiting professor, Dartmouth College File 1967
2 Correspondence files Series 1942-1990
B1990-0029/001(16) General correspondence File 1942-1950
B1990-0029/002(02) General correspondence File 1964-1976
B1990-0029/002(07) Lipset, Seymour Martin and Mildred A. Schwartz File 1985-1989
B1990-0029/002(12) Lakeland College, Lloydminister, Alberta File 1984-1990
B1990-0029/002(13) Research grants, general File 1942-1950
B1990-0029/002(15) SSHRC: Aging Population in Resource-based Communities in Northwestern Ontario File 1979-1980
B1990-0029/002(16) Ford Foundation project: Radical and Conservative Behaviour File 1953
B1990-0029/003(02) Participation in "Canada Colloquium", University of Calgary File 5 Oct. 1971
B1990-0029/003(05) Refusals, correspondence File 1964
B1990-0029/003(09) "Sociology, History and the Problem of Social Change", CPSA address File 1959
B1990-0029/003(11) "The Sociological Approach to the Problem of Juvenile Delinquency", Juvenile and Family Court, Toronto File 21 Feb. 1962
B1990-0029/003(22) "The Proletarian Intellegentia", Canadian Forum, 256-257 File Apr. 1933
B1990-0029/003(23) "The C.C.F. and Alberta Politics", Canadian Forum, 90-91 File Dec. 1933
B1990-0029/003(26) "The Canadian Manufacturers' Association and the Tariff", CJEPS, 5, 1, 19-39 File Feb. 1939
B1990-0029/003(30) Malin, James C. "Essays on Historiography" review File 1947
B1990-0029/003(34) "The Frontier and Democratic Theory", Royal Society of Canada, 48, 3, 65-75 File Jun. 1954
B1990-0029/003(35) "The Support of Social Science Research in Canada", CJEPS, 24, 2, 1-11 File May. 1958
B1990-0029/003(38) "Thomas Forsyth McIlwraith", Proceedings of the Royal Society of Canada, 1964, 125-126 File 1964
B1990-0029/004(01) "Higher Education and the New Men of Power in Society", Journal of Educational Thought, 1, 2, 77-87 File Aug. 1967
B1990-0029/004(04) "Oswald Hall and the Sociology of Work" File 1984
B1990-0029/003(28) "The Religious Sect in Canadian Politics", The American Journal of Sociology, LI, 3, 207-216 File Nov. 1945
7 Books Series 1947-1987
B1990-0029/004(10) The Developing Canadian Community reviews File 1962
B1990-0029/004(14) The Suburban Society research notes (file 1) File [196-]
B1990-0029/005(02) The Suburban Society research notes (file 6) File [196-]
B1990-0029/005(03) The Suburban Society research notes (file 7) File [196-]
B1990-0029/005(10) Canadian Society in Historical Perspective correspondence File 1976
B1990-0029/005(14) Hiller, Harry H. S. D. Clark and the Development of Canadian Sociology, 1982, correspondence re and reviews File 1977-1982
B1990-0029/005(16) American Academy of Arts and Science general File 1976-1979
B1990-0029/005(17) American Academy of Arts and Sciences/ Royal Society of Canada. Joint Committee on Canadian and American Studies File 1975
B1990-0029/005(18) American Journal of Sociology advisory editor File 1955-1959
B1990-0029/006(03) American Sociological Association annual meeting/joint with Canadian Sociological Association (Montreal) File 1963-1964
B1990-0029/006(07) Canada. Dept. of Communications. Communications Technology Satellite (CST) Evaluation Committee File 1973-1976
B1990-0029/006(09) Canada. Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism Memorandum of agreement File 1964
B1990-0029/007(15) Canadian Journal of Sociology File 1977-1980
B1990-0029/007(16) Canadian Political Science Association general File 1959
B1990-0029/008(01) Canadian Political Science Association Anthropological and Sociological Chapter File 1955-1964
B1990-0029/008(04) Canadian Social Science Research Council, Joint Humanities-Social Sciences University survey File 1945
B1990-0029/008(05) Canadian Social Science Research Council, cross-country tour of Canadian universities File 1957-1958
B1990-0029/008(06) Canadian Social Science Research Council, correspondence re. Harry Crowe affair File 1958
B1990-0029/008(10) Canadian Social Science Research Council, Publications Committee (2) File 1950-1960
B1990-0029/008(11) Canadian Social Science Research Council, Publications Committee (3) File 1950-1960
B1990-0029/009(01) Canadian Social Science Research Council, Publications Committee (4) File 1950-1960
B1990-0029/009(02) Canadian Social Science Research Council, Publications Committee (5) File 1950-1960
B1990-0029/009(06) Canadian Social Science Research Council, McNaught, Kenneth. MS on Woodsworth File 1955-1958
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