Samuel Sobieski Nelles fonds Inventory list

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1991.197V-15-314 Notation of Section IV. University of Toronto Act of 1853. File 1853
1991.197V-15-319 Memorandum Respecting the Chair of Classical Literature in University College. File August 11, 1880
1 Correspondence Series 1846-1962
1991.197V-1-1 General Correspondence File 1856-1867
1991.197V-1-6 General Correspondence File 1877-1879
1991.197V-1-10 Correspondence Between J.G. Hodgins and S.S. Nelles. File 1854-1865
1991.197V-1-12 Correspondence Between J.G. Hodgins and S.S. Nelles. File 1876-1880
1991.197V-1-13 Correspondence Between J.G. Hodgins and S.S. Nelles. File 1881-1883
1991.197V-2-22 Draft of Letter to the Editor of the Globe re: University Federation. Written Prior to Nelles’ Departure for England. (Spring) File 1886
1991.197V-2-23 Family correspondence Addressed to Mary B. Nelles. File 1887-1888
1991.197V-2-24 Family correspondence Addressed to A.R. Bain re: Nelles Memorial Fund File 1898-1901
1991.197V-2-25 Family Correspondence Addressed to Nathanael Burwash re: Nelles Memorial Fund. File 1899
1991.197V-2-26 Family correspondence of Frederick Cecil Gullen re: Nelles Family. File 1953-1961
2 Diaries and journals Series 1846-1887
1991.197V-3-29 Journal. "Book of Random Thoughts." File 1846-1849
1991.197V-3-32 Journal. "Random Thoughts and Mental Records." vol.2. File February 5, 1849-July 19, 1849
1991.197V-3-33 Journal. "Random Thoughts." File March, 1850-February, 1854
1991.197V-3-38 Journal Fragment. File May 11, 1881-May 23, 1881
1991.197V-3-39 Journal. "Notes by the Way." File January 1, 1886-September 4, 1887
1991.197V-4-41 Essay. "The Deity, as Seen in his Works." File March 30,1842
1991.197V-4-56 Essay. “Shall We Hinder the Gospel of Christ?” (Distinction Between Actual Christianity and the Christianity of the New Testament) File n.d
1991.197V-4-57 Essay. “Shall We Hinder the Gospel of Christ?” (Distinction Between Actual Christianity and the Christianity of the New Testament) File n.d
1991.197V-4-62 Article. “The Need of the World.” The Methodist Magazine. vol. XL. File July-December, 1894
1991.197V-5-88 Sermon. "Man Needs Atonement." File March 2, 1850
1991.197V-5-98 Sermon. "The Lord Reigneth, Let the Earth Rejoice." File July 11, 1853
1991.197V-6-104 Sermon. "Be Thou Faithful Unto Death." File February 16, 1856
1991.197V-6-106 Sermon. "Days of Darkness." File March, 1858
1991.197V-6-108 Sermon. "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." File November 14, 1858
1991.197V-6-111 Notebook of Sermons. File 1871-1878
1991.197V-6-112 Sermon. "Fellow-helpers to the truth." File April 22, 1877
1991.197V-6-118 Newspaper Report of Sermon Given at Metropolitan Church, Toronto. "Many-Sided Religion." File April 25, 1881
1991.197V-6-129 Sermon. "Christ Precious to Believers." File n.d.
1991.197V-6-133 Sermon. "Come Apart and Rest Awhile." File n.d.
1991.197V-6-140 Sermon. "I beseech you therefore Brethren." File n.d.
1991.197V-6-143 Sermon. "Laws of the Spirit." File n.d.
1991.197V-6-147 Sermon. "Paul in Phillipians." File n.d.
1991.197V-7-152 Sermon re: Salvation. File n.d.
1991.197V-7-153 Sermon. "Saving a Soul from Death." File n.d.
1991.197V-7-154 Sermon. "Softness of Heart." File n.d.
1991.197V-7-159 Sermon Notes. "Work Out Salvation." File n.d.
5 Speeches and addresses Series 1842–1887
1991.197V-8-193 Notebook of Speeches and Addresses. File 1880-1883
1991.197V-8-163 Address. “On Reading the Holy Scriptures.” Toronto. File October 13, 1848
1991.197V-8-168 Address. “Thoughts on the Great Exhibition.” Read Before the Hamilton Merchants' Association. File April 14, 1851
1991.197V-8-169 Educational Speech re: Importance of Religion to Education . (Appeal for Endowment) File October 27, 1851
1991.197V-8-170 Educational Address re: Importance of Religion to Education. Plea for Endowment. File November, 1851-October 27, 1851
1991.197V-8-171 Address. “Introductory Remarks to Summer Session.” Victoria College. File 1852
1991.197V-8-172 Address to Victoria College Students re: Planning One's Education. File October 28, 1853
1991.197V-8-175 Missionary Address re: Evangelization of the World. File December 31,1855
1991.197V-8-178 Address. “Have Faith in God.” File October, 1856
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