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3 University of Toronto Administration Series 1971-2008
B2005-0027/008(13) "Notes on the Economics of Land Reform," Land Economics, vol. XLIV, no. 4 (November, 1968), pp. 514-518 (with F. S. O'Brien). File 1966-1968
B2005-0027/008(14) "Die Landwirtschaft als Quelle des Arbeitskraftangebots: Mutmassungen aus der Geschichte Ungarns, 1870-1913" [Agriculture as a source of labour supply: Conjectures from the history of Hungary, 1870-1913], Vierteljahrschrift für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte, Band 56, Heft 2 (September, 1969), pp. 215-232. File 1969
B2005-0027/008(17) “Terms of Trade change and income transfer from agriculture in a program of industrial import substitution”. Discussion Paper No. 70-2. Institute of economic Development and Research, School of Economics, University of the Philippines. File 15 Jan 1970
B2005-0027/008(18) "Galician Jews as Migrants: An Alternative Hypothesis," Austrian History Yearbook, vol.XI (1975), pp.59-63 File 1976
B2005-0027/009(02) Adatbázis az 1911. évi Gazdacímtár adataiból a gazdaság- és társadalomtörténeti kutatások számára" [The 1911 Register of Land Owners as Data Base for Research in Economic and Social History], Történelmi Szemle [Historical Review] 1977, no. 2, pp. 315-328 (with Julia Puskás and Margit Lánc). File of notes only. File 1976
B2005-0027/009(08) "Fél évszázad birtokviszonyai: Változások a trianoni Magyarország területén, 1893-1935" [Landownership relations of half a century: Changes on the Trianon territory of Hungary, 1893-1935] (with Ingrid Hutterer and Iván Székely), Történelmi Szemle [Historical Review], Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1990, nos. 3-4, pp. 301-357 File 1988-1989
B2005-0027/009(09) "Großgrundbesitz im ostelbischen Preußen: Datenbasis und methodologische Probleme" [Large estate ownership in East Elbian Prussia: Database and methodological problems], in Heinz Reif, ed., Ostelbische Agrargesellschaft im Kaiserreich und in der Weimarer Republik: Agrarkrise, junkerliche Interessenpolitik, Modernisierungsstrategien [East Elbian agrarian society in the Empire and the Weimar Republic: Agrarian Crises, Junkers' special interest politics, modernization strategies] (Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 1994), pp. 141-155. File 1992-1993
B2005-0027/011(03) The Ethnopolitics of Land Ownership in Prussian Poland, 1886-1918: The Land Purchases of the Ansiedlungskommission, short monograph, "Trondheim Studies on East European Cultures and Societies," No. 9 (Trondheim, Norway, NTNU: 2002), with Christa Kouschil. File [2002]
5 Books Series 1990-2008
B2005-0027/017 U of T: ECO 303Y, 330 F and S File 1994-2001
B2005-0027/018 U of T: ECO 330S, 399Y, JPE 205Y, 2019Y. File 1991-2001
B2005-0027/019(12) U of T: RUS 1199 (CREES) File 1992-1993
B2008-0027/004(07) Cambridge University, England File 1974-1975
B2005-0027/020(01)-(06) Middlebury College File 1980-1981
B2005-0027/008(12) "Agricultural Production and Output per Worker in Hungary, 1870-1913," Journal of Economic History, vol. XXVII, no. 2 (June, 1968), pp. 197-222. Reprinted in John Komlos, ed., Economic Development in the Habsburg Monarchy and in the Successor States: Essays, vol. II ("East European Monographs," New York: Columbia University Press, 1990). File 1967-1968
B2005-0027/008(15)-(16) "The Terms of Trade as a Tax on Agriculture: Hungary's Trade with Austria, 1883-1913," Journal of Economic History, vol. XXXII, no. 1 (March, 1972), pp. 298-315. File 1971-1972
B2005-0027/009(01) "Cui Bono? Magyarország és a Dualista Monarchia védõvámpolitikája" [Cui Bono? Hungary and the Protectionist Policy of the Dual Monarchy], Történelmi Szemle [Historical Review] 1976, nos. 1-2, pp. 157-166. File 1973
B2005-0027/009(04) "Austria in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy: Her Trade Within and Without the Customs Union," East-Central Europe vol. VII, pt. 2 (1980), pp. 225-247. File 1979-1980
B2005-0027/009(06) "Mit bizonyítanak az 1882-1913-as exportstatisztikai adatok? Magyarország valóban csak a Monarchia 'éléskamrája' volt?" [Was Hungary Merely the 'Granary of the Empire'? Evidence from the Export Statistics, 1882-1913], Történelmi Szemle [Historical Review] 1982, no. 3, pp. 416-425. File 1981
B2005-0027/009(07) "The Social Distribution of Landed Wealth in Hungary ca. 1910," Research in Economic History, Supplement 5: George Grantham and Carole Leonard, eds., Agrarian Organization in the Century of Industrialization (Glenwood, Ill: Johnson Associates, 1989), pp. 219-249. File 1984-1989
B2005-0027/010(01) "The Decline of the Great Landowners in the Burgenland, 1893-1930," with Gordon Anderson (article MS submitted for publication). File 1990, 1992
B2005-0027/010(05) "Changes in the Social Distribution of Ownership of Large Properties on the Trianon Territory of Hungary, 1893 - 1935," with Ingrid Hutterer and Iván Székely; Journal of European Economic History, vol. 22, no. 1 (Spring 1993), pp. 39-78. File 1991-1993
B2005-0027/010(06) "Raspad dualisticheskoi monarchii krupnoe zemlevladenie. Burgenland u zapadnaya Vengriya 1893 - 1935" [Effects of the Disintegration of the Dual Monarchy on the Great Landlords: Burgenland and Western Hungary, 1893-1935] in T. M. Islamov and A. I. Miller (eds.), Avstro-Vengriya: Op'it mnogonatsional'nogo gosudarstva [Austria-Hungary: Historical Experience of the Multinational State] (Moscow: Rossiiskaya Akademiya Nauk [Russian Academy of Sciences], 1995), pp. 200 - 229 File 1993
B2005-0027/010(07)-(08) "Junkers and Magnates: The Social Distribution of Landed Wealth in Prussia and Hungary; A Case Study of Pomerania and Transdanubia, 1893" Österreichische Osthefte, Nr. 1, 1994, pp. 109 - 131 File 1994
B2005-0027/010(10) "Hungarian Economic Reform, 1968 - 1989: The illusions and delusions of the New Economic Mechanism," in János Buza, Tamás Csató, and Sándor Gyimesi, eds., Challenges of Economic History: Essays in Honour of Iván T. Berend (Budapest: Budapest University of Economics, 1996), pp. 383-394 File 1996
B2005-0027/011(04) "Ethno-nationality, Property Rights in Land and Territorial Sovereignty in Prussian Poland, 1886-1918: Buying the land from under the Poles' feet?" in Stanley Engerman and Jacob Metzer, eds., Land Rights, Ethno-Nationalism, and Sovereignty in History (Routledge: 2004), pp. 56-86 File 2004
6 Grant applications Series 1974-2005
B2005-0027/015(08)-(12) U of T: ECO 200, 201, 203A File 1976-1996
B2008-0027/004(08) U of T: ECO 490 Comparative Economic Systems File 1980-1982
B2008-0027/005(04) Mary Lynn Williamson Lecture, U of T Mississauga “ Is ‘what everybody knows’ really true” File 5 Mar 2008
B2005-0027/020(08) University of Vienna File 1986
B2005-0027/020(13), /021(01)-(03) Virginia Military Institute (ECO 490) File 1981-1982
1 Professional correspondence Series 1968-2001
B2005-0027/009(05) "Limits on the Fiscal Independence of Sovereign States in a Customs Union: 'Tax Union' Aspects of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, 1868-1913," Hungarian Studies Review, vol. XI, no. 2 (Fall, 1982), pp. 7-28 File 1980
B2005-0027/011(05)-(10), /012(01)-(06) "Economic Policy and Economic Development in Austria-Hungary, 1867-1913," The Cambridge Economic History of Europe, vol.VIII, ed. Peter Mathias and Sidney Pollard (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989), pp. 814 - 886 File 1974-1990
B2005-0027/011(02) "Deutsche Kliometrie" [German Cliometrics], Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften [Journal for Economics and Social Science], vol. 119, no. 2 (1999), pp. 293-311 (with John Komlos). File 1997-1999
7 Teaching Series 1965-2008
B2008-0027/004(09) U of T: ECO 220 ? Econometrics File 1985
B2005-0027/001P U of T: Photos for course 399Y File
B2005-0027 /019(01)-(08) U of T: JPE 2019, ECO 2236, ECO 2237 File 1978-1995
B2005-0027/019(10) U of T: CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) teaching materials File 2003-2004
B2005-0027/019(13) U of T: RUS 1999H (CREES) File 2003-2004
B2005-0027/020(07) Technical University, Berlin File 1996
8 Education Series 1957-1967
9 Other professional activities Series 1994-2007
2 Conferences Series 1972-2008
4 Articles, book chapters and other shorter works Series 1961-2008
B2005-0027/009(03) "The Terms and Patterns of Hungarian Foreign Trade, 1882-1913," Journal of Economic History, vol. XXXVII, no. 2 (June, 1977), pp. 329-358 File 1977
B2005-0027/010(02) "The Transition to Market Economies: Lessons from Hungary and the case for pessimism," in David F. Good, ed., Economic Transformations in East and Central Europe: Lessons from the Past and Policies for the Future (Routledge, 1994), pp. 110-130 File 1992-1993
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