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Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2016-0017/016(01) Poverty measures File 1999
B2016-0017/016(05) Poverty in Canada File 1972 ? 1999
B2016-0017/016(06) Booth, Charles File 1888
B2016-0017/017(02) Mellor, D.H. File 1977
B2016-0017/017(04) Normore, Calvin File 1987
B2016-0017/017(06) Quine File 1967, n.d.
B2016-0017/017(08) Rosch, Elinore File 1975
B2016-0017/017(12) Stars File 2002
B2016-0017/017(13) Whewell File 1967-1990
B2016-0017/017(16) Wilkerson, T.E. File 1993
B2016-0017/018(04) Normore - Medieval kinds File n.d.
B2016-0017/018(06) Chevreul, M. File 1816
B2016-0017/018(14) Kitcher, Philip and P. Kyle Stanford File 1997
B2016-0017/019(06) Philosophical essentialism File 1986, [ca. 2002]
B2016-0017/019(14) "Infantile autism. The syndrome and its implications for a neutral theory of behaviour" / Bernard Rimland File 1964
B2016-0017/043(14) Synopses of various German psychological texts File 1898-1920
B2016-0017/044(04) Lax, Ruth F. - Freud and feminism File 1995
B2016-0017/044(05) Freud bibliography File 1995
B2016-0017/044(07) "Rosenbaum's hypothesis: The confusion of schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder in psychiatric diagnosis" / Charles Barton File 1996
B2016-0017/044(12) Gesnerus. Swiss Journal of the History of Medicine and Sciences, vol. 52 File 1995
B2016-0017/044(13) Frederick Crews and the "Unknown Freud" File 1993-1994
B2016-0017/044(15) Forrester, John File 1994-1995
B2016-0017/044(16) Matthen, Mohan File 2009
B2016-0017/044(17) "What is a species and what is not?" / Ernst Mayr File 1996
B2016-0017/044(22) "From biology to mathematics" / J.H. Woodger File 1952
B2016-0017/044(24) "Species, languages, and the horizontal / vertical distinction" / David N. Stamos File 2000
B2016-0017/045(06) "The tree of life: Universal and cultural features of folkbiological taxonomies and inductions" / Lopez et al. File 1997
B2016-0017/045(12) "Necessitarian essentialism" in Laws in Nature / Stephen Mumford File 2004
B2016-0017/045(15) Mile Zola, Edouard Toulouse, Francis Galton, and Alfred Binet File 1902, [200-?]
B2016-0017/045(23) "A dissertation upon genius" / by William Sharpe File 1755 [published 1973]
B2016-0017/046(15) Bose-Einstein condensates File n.d.
B2016-0017/047(01) Bose-Einstein condensates File 1999-2005
B2016-0017/047(03) "Designed in the mind: Western visions of science, nature and humankind" / Alistair C. Crombie File 1988
B2016-0017/047(04) "Species concepts: the basis for controversy and reconciliation" / Michael T. Ghiselin File 2002, 2006
B2016-0017/047(06) Atran, Scott File 1990-1993
B2016-0017/047(11) Race File 2002-2006
B2016-0017/047(13) Whewell, William File 1840 [translated to French in 2001]
B2016-0017/047(14) Chapter 3, "Les sortes naturelles" [Marc Kirsch?] File 2006
B2016-0017/048(03) Geroge-Louis Leclerc, Compte du Buffon File [ca. 2007]
B2016-0017/048(12) Body type and social attitudes on weight, press clippinhs, definitions and article File 1999-2000
B2016-0017/048(14) Article reference I. Hacking's theory of kinds and obesity [author Cowie?] and press clipping File 1988. n.d.
B2016-0017/048(16) Body mass index, obesity and biometrics, articles and press clippings File 1927-2005
B2016-0017/049(01) "Proving is convincing and explaining" / Reuben Hersch File 1993
B2016-0017/049(03) R. L. Goodstein and Jeff Paris File 1944, 2010
B2016-0017/049(06) "Minkowski's space-time: From visual thinking to the absolute world" / Peter Louis Galison File 1979
B2016-0017/049(10) Azam File 1977-1990
B2016-0017/050(01) Bacteria as kinds File 2002
B2016-0017/050(03) Cholesterol File 2002
B2016-0017/050(09) Pyschoessences File 2001
B2016-0017/052(17) Excerpt, "Breaking outs. Feminist consciousness and feminist research" / Liz Stanley and Sue Wise File 1983
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