Teaching Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1998-0027/001S-/003S Cassette tapes of course ECO 322 File
B2012-0018/005(03) Eco 322 - Annotated lecture readings File [ca.1966-1980]
B2012-0018/005(07) Misc. lecture notes File 1966-1981
B2012-0018/006(05) Eco 322 - abandoned lecture notes File [ca. 1970-1976]
B2012-0018/006(10) Eco 322 - Misc. lecture notes File 1975
B2012-0018/006(11) Lecture notes on The Structure of Sci. Revolutions File 1975-1980
B2012-0018/007(01) Notes on Doctoral Theses File 1975-2007
B2012-0018/007(04) Reading list for the History of Economic Thought File 2000
B1998-0027/006(04)-/007(03) Ph.D. files File
B1998-0027/001M-/002M Videos of lectures File
B2012-0018/005(05) Eco 322 - Examinations File 1966-1996
B2012-0018/006(04) Lecture notes on Greek economics File 1970-1976
B2012-0018/006(06) Lecture notes on relativism File 1975-1980
B2012-0018/006(12) Eco 322 - Misc. lecture notes File [ca.1975]
B2012-0018/004(25) Graduate lectures given at McMaster University File 1967-1968
B2012-0018/004(27) Misc. lecture notes File 1966-1981
B2012-0018/005(01) Eco 200 - Microeconomic Theory File 1963-1977
B2012-0018/005(02) Eco 322 - History of Economic Thought File 1965-1967
B2012-0018/005(04) Eco 322 - Misc. lecture notes File 1966-1981
B2012-0018/006(01) Eco 2004 - History of Economic Thought (Grad) File 1967-1980
B2012-0018/006(02) Misc. undergraduate course lecture notes File 1970-1972
B2012-0018/006(03) Eco 322 - Class lists and grades [RESTRICTED] File [ca.1970-1980]
B2012-0018/006(08) Lecture notes on Marx's selectivity File 1977-1980
B2012-0018/007(05) Various course syllabi File 2001-2008
B1998-0027/005-/006(03) Course files File
B2012-0018/004(26) Misc. lecture notes File 1967-1976
B2012-0018/005(06) Eco 322 - The economics of Adam Smith File 1967-1980
B2012-0018/006(07) Lecture notes on Malthus and alternative paradigms File 1977-1980
B2012-0018/006(09) Lecture notes on the study of economic thought File 1977-1982
B2012-0018/007(02) Syllabi and Lecture materials for Grad. Courses File 1977-2001
B2012-0018/007(03) Lecture notes for Strasbourg Summer School File 1999