Victoria Historical Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1989.094V TR-1 Edwin C. Guillet scrapbook, "The Victoria College Manuscript Discoveries" File 1938
2011.02V 1-11 Letter to Ryerson to write an article on the history of the college File 1857
2011.02V 1-12 "Extravagant expenditure in Toronto of the Upper Canada University endowment" by Rev. W.H. Poole File [1860?]
2011.02V 1-19 News clippings re: discovery of historical records File 1931
2011.02V 1-20 Signatures, Cobourg pilgrimage File June 10 1932
2011.02V 1-21 "Two events of 1832" by Professor C.B. Sissons File 1932
2011.02V 1-22 The Cazenovia Seminary Bulletin [re: early Victoria History] File 1938
2011.02V 1-31 University Question: The Statements of John Langton and Daniel Wilson File 1860
2011.02V 2-1 University Question: Being a Report of the Public Meeting held at the Kingston Conference File 1860
2011.02V 2-17 Letter from Provincial Secretary's Office re: federation of Victoria University and suspension of conferring degrees File 1890
2011.02V 3-3 University Consolidation: A Plea for Higher Education in Toronto" by Canadensis (Dr. Hodgins) File 1876
2011.02V 3-11 (Proposed) Victoria College, Toronto. John Potts File 1887
2011.02V 3-12 Hon. Geo. W. Ross, speeches delivered by Ross on Second Reading of University Federation Bills File 1887
2011.02V 3-16 J.S. Ross, "A Catechism on College Federation" File [1890?]
2011.02V 3-24 Newsclippings re: federation File 1885-1891
2011.02V 4-1 Acts relating to Victoria College and Albert College File n.d.
2011.02V 4-5 Report of Select Committee on Upper Canada Academy to the Honourable the Commons House of Assembly File n.d.
2011.02V 4-7 Petition to the Honorable the Commons House of Assembly of the Province of Canada, in Provincial Parliament assembled, from the Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada, 1854 File 1854
2011.02V 4-13 An act respecting the Victoria College of Cobourg, 1879, 1883 File 1883
2011.02V 4-14 An act to amend the acts incorporating Victoria College and Albert College, 1884 File 1884
2011.02V 4-18 An act to amend the act respecting federation of the University of Toronto and University College with other Universities and Colleges, 1889 File 1889
2011.02V 4-21 An act to Amend the Acts relating to Victoria University, 1897 File 1897
2011.02V 4-24 "The University Act" (Toronto) A Review of University Legislation and some of its results by the Hon. Sir William Mulock File 1924
2011.02V 5-2 Act respecting the Library of Knox College and Certain Archives File 1950
2011.02V 5-10 Original draft of Charter of Upper Canada Academy with amendments and annotations File 1836
2011.02V 5-11 Letter to Rev. Egerton Ryerson from W.S. Conger informing him of his appointment to the office of Principal, Victoria College File Sept 3 1841
2011.02V 5-15 Letter requesting statistics for Victoria College from Governor General's Secretary to M. Richey, College President File July 11 1851
2011.02V 5-18 Minutes of Committee on Insurance and two letters from Queen Insurance Co. to Lachlin Taylor File 1868
2011.02V 5-19 Letter and transcription of statue re: election of alumni representatives to the Senate File 1879
2011.02V 5-22 Victoria College. Letters to Dr. N. Burwash File 1888-1889
2011.02V 6-4 Treasurer statements File 1852-1857
2011.02V 6-6 Letter from the Auditor of Public Accounts in regard to Victoria and Regiopolis Colleges File 1856
2011.02V 6-8 Minutes, committee on plans of Victoria University File 1888
2011.02V 6-11 Methodist Book and Publishing House. Statement of notes cashed and returned File 1889-1890
2011.02V 6-12 News clipping re: new college building File 1890
2011.02V 6-14 Agreement between John Edward Berkeley Smith, Bursar of the University and Colleges at Toronto and the Board of Regents of Victoria University [lease] File 1892
2011.02V 6-18 H.A. Massey, deed of gift to Ontario Ladies College File 1895
2011.02V 6-19 Deed of land for Fred Victor Mission, memorandum of independence File 1896
2011.02V 6-25 "Walter E.H. Massey's will," The evening telegram File Dec 9 1901
2011.02V 6-27 Victoria College, receipts re: payments of interest and principal of Indian Relic Fund File 1901-1919
2011.02V 6-38 Victoria College Library, subscription and expense book File 1909-1911
2011.02V 6-41 Documents re: central heating plant File 1910
2011.02V 7-3 Letters from the National Trust Co. re: treasureship of Victoria College File 1911
2011.02V 7-7 Victoria University accounts, 20 Highview Crescent property File 1914-1919
2011.02V 7-8 Receipt for installment of mortgage on 20 Highview Cr. File 1917
2011.02V 7-14 Trust agreement, C.E. Armstrong et al. and J.R. Johnston et al. File April 15 1929
2011.02V 7-21 Board of Regents, minutes of judgment dissolving injunction against moving from Cobourg to Toronto File 1890
2011.02V 8-1 Accounts of examinations [copy] File May 24 1843
2011.02V 8-2 Return of students File 1844-1845
2011.02V 8-3 Letter of resignation from John Wilson, Professor of Latin and Greek File Sept. 18 1849
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