William Cameron Blackwood fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1972-0027/001(03) School of Military Aeronautics File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(04) Parliament Buildings from East Gate File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(05) University College arcade near Round Tower File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(11) University College, main building File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(16) Chemistry building File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(27) Medical Building File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(32) Grotesque figures, University College File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(34) East Gate in winter File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(35) University College from the South west File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(42) Galbraith, John File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(02) University College Building after the fire of February 14, 1890 File 1890
B1972-0027/001(12) Looking north from the School of Practical Science tower File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(14) Wycliffe College File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(22) East Gates File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(29) School of Practical Science File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(36) Inside main entrance, University College File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(01):0002 Dr. Bowles, President, Victoria College File ca. 1890
B1972-0027/001(07) University College - view from the Southwest File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(08) University College - Main entrance File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(09) University College - view past Round Tower File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(13) Gymnasium File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(15) Mining building File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(19) Biology Building, from east File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(21) View from School of Practical Science Tower File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(24) University College: round tower from west File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(25) Library File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(30) School of Practical Science Tower File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(37) University College from the south File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(40) Main entrance, University College File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(41) Ellis, J.R. File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(43) Group photo, unidentified seated in centre is John MacGilliray, B.A. University College, 1884 File [188-?]
B1972-0027/001(01):0001 Unidentified, Victoria College File 1889
B1972-0027/001(01):0003 Dr. Frizzell, Preacher, Victoria College File ca. 1889
B1972-0027/001(01):0004 Henry Langford, Victoria College File 1889
B1972-0027/001(01):0005 Mark Rumble, Victoria College [transferred to Victoria University, B1971-1015] File ca. 1889
B1972-0027/001(06) University College - looking on Quadrangle File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(10) Library from across lawn File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(17) Falconer, Robert A. File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(18) Victoria College File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(20) YMCA File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(23) Chemistry and Mining building File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(26) University College, East Hall File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(28) University College File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(31) Cricketers in front of University College File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(33) Cadets reviewed by Duke of York in front of University College File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(38) Senate Chamber File n.d.
B1972-0027/001(39) University College from Library File n.d.